Two Teens Die of Laughing Gas Overdose

Police arrest two combat soldiers for allegedly stealing laughing gas tank from dental clinic from which cousins Omer Tzur and Avishai Klomeks, both 18, inhaled.

Cousins Omer Tzur and Avishai Klomeks, both 18, were found dead Saturday morning near the southern Moshav of Orot after apparently inhaling an overdose of laughing gas.

ambulance, Tess Scheflan
Tess Scheflan

Their bodies were found in a field near the Moshav next to a tank of nitrous oxide.
The teens' cousin, who was apparently with them at the time they inhaled the gas, called the police after they lost consciousness.

An initial police investigation revealed that the three cousins were out partying and did not intend to commit suicide, in contrast to previous assumptions. The three allegedly took the 1.8 meter high gas tank from a party they attended and intended to enhance their experience in the nearby field.

Police said that the gas was handed out in small balloon at the party.

Police arrested two combat soldiers on Saturday afternoon for allegedly stealing the laughing gas tank from which the teens inhaled from a dental clinic.