Two Killed in Ultralight Plane Crash Near Rehovot

Emergency aid team called to the scene of the incident near Kibbutz Shiller pronounced the deaths of two men.

Two men were killed after a ultralight plane crashed Saturday evening in an open field near Kibbutz Shiller in the south of Israel. The victims of the crash were Eli Elazar Moshe, 43, of Azor, and Yitzhak Horn, 53, of Holon.

Site of place crash near Rehovot on Saturday, August 14, 2010.
Moti Kimche

At 7 P.M. emergency aid workers received a report of an ultralight plane that crashed near Rehovot. Ambulance staff that arrived at the scene of the incident pronounced the death of two men.

The chief accident investigator at the Ministry of Transportation, Yitzhak Raz, was present at the scene of the incident and stated that the cause of the crash is still unknown. "Eyewitnesses claim that the plane circled in the air and hit the ground flying straight downward at high speed. From what I understand, the two men were killed instantly," Raz said.

"We will only start removing the plane tomorrow, then we'll check the plane's systems, and try to understand what happened here," Raz added. A preliminary investigation revealed that apparently the plane crashed about 200 meters away from the adjacent landing strip.

In May 2009, one man was seriously injured and another was lightly wounded in an ultralight plane crash in the backyard of a home in Nes Ziona, next to Rehovot. Emergency aid workers that were called to the scene treated the injured and took them to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Rishon Letzion. The people living in the house were not injured.

In November 2009, four people were killed in a civilian Robinson helicopter crash. The helicopter dove into the sea, 300 meters from Sironit Beach in Netanya. The accident investigation revealed that a structural technical failure in one of the blades during the course of the flight was the cause of the crash.