Two Israeli Students Killed in Romania Traffic Accident

Dia Zbeidi from Lod and Taoufik Mohammed Al-Krinawi from the Bedouin town Rahat studied medicine in the city of Iai. Two more were wounded.

Jonathan Lis
Jack Khoury
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Jonathan Lis
Jack Khoury

Two Israeli students were killed in a traffic accident in Romania on Saturday morning. 

The fatalities were identified as Dia Zbeidi from Lod and Taoufik Mohammed Al-Krinawi from the Bedouin town Rahat. Both studied medicine in the city of Iai. Their families have been notified.

Two others, also from Rahat, were wounded in the crash in in the city of Piatra Neam in north-east Romania. One is in critical condition and the other sustained serious wounds. He is currently in stable condition after undergoing surgery. 

Al-Krinawi, in his 20s, was in his third year of medical school in Romania. Sufyan Al-Krinaw, a relative of Mohammed, told Haaretz that some 18 months ago Mohammed's brother drowned in a swimming pool in Eilat. Mohammed was also the uncle of three children who were killed in a fire three months ago in their Rahat home.

Mohammed Zbeidi, Dia's uncle, told Haaretz that he was in his fifth year of medical school. "This is a very big tragedy that fell on us," he said. "Everyone here is a wreck, especially the parents In Arabic, the name 'Dia' means light, and Dia was the light of the family."

Representatives of their families were on their way to Romania.