Shackled, Beaten, Strung Up on a Tree: Palestinian Teen Brutally Attacked by Settlers

At the supposedly evacuated settlement of Homesh last week, a Palestinian teen was seized by settlers and subjected to physical abuse for more than two hours. It's a regular practice at this site that the court long ago ordered to be open to Palestinians

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Fifteen-year-old Tareq Zubeidi, this week.
Fifteen-year-old Tareq Zubeidi, this week. The settlers kicked him, he says, as he lay on the ground, then placed him on the hood of the car, lashing him to it with a chain.Credit: Alex Levac

Tareq Zubeidi lies on his steel bed in a corner of the dimly lit living room, covered to the neck with a synthetic blanket and staring at the ceiling. A pale boy of 15 still without a hint of a beard, his smile is soft, his voice whispery. If he’s inadvertently touched on the legs, especially around the knees, he leaps up as though bitten by a snake and his face blanches with pain. Etched into the soles of his feet are two large round scars – the reasons why it is impossible for him to stand up. His face was covered when the settlers inflicted the injuries on him, but he’s convinced that one wound was caused by burning, probably with a lighter held under one foot until the flesh was singed, while the other foot was dealt blows with an iron rod. Tareq has been bedridden since that morning of horrors last Tuesday, and remains traumatized by the event.