Turkish Hackers Steal Personal Details of Tens of Thousands of Israelis

In the wake of Gaza flotilla raid, hackers in Turkey have disclosed personal details of tens of thousands of Israelis, blogger reveals.

Erez Wolf, an Israeli blogger who operates We-CMS, reported in a blog post on Friday that tens of thousands of e-mail addresses, passwords and personal details of Israeli web surfers are in the hands of Turkish hackers.

In a Turkish hackers online forum, Wolf found a document containing the e-mail addresses and passwords of more than 30,000 Israeli web users.

The information was apparently obtained during Turkish hacker attacks on Israeli websites in the aftermath of the IDF's interception of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31 in which nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists were killed.

It is believed that the hackers utilized the "phishing" method and "Trojan Horse" viruses to steal personal information of Israeli web surfers.

Wolf said that Turkish hackers have been able to use the information to penetrate Israeli bank accounts, use Israeli credit cards and open accounts on different websites. Wolf has contacted numerous Israeli websites about the information breach and also informed Israeli police.

According to Wolf, there was dispute amongst the Turkish hackers in the online forum on whether it was correct to use the information for financial gain. Some hackers felt that using the information to steal money would undermine their political agenda. There was also a discussion of what the Koran says is permissible to do with the money of infidels.