Trump to Obama: U.S. Should Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Netanyahu demands the U.S. veto a motion critical of West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements set for a vote on Thursday. Security cabinet to convene ahead of the vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) stands next to then-Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump during their meeting in New York, September 25, 2016.
Kobi Gideon / GPO

>> UPDATE: UN Security Council Vote on Settlements Postponed After Israel Pressured Egypt

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump issued a statement Thursday calling on President Barack Obama to veto the UN Security Council resolution on Israel's West Bank settlements.

Meanwhile, Western diplomats told Haaretz that the Security Council will probably not hold its planned vote on the resolution on Israel's settlements after Egypt asked for a delay.

In his statement Trump said that peace between Israelis and Palestinians will only be reached through direct negotiations and not by coercion by United Nation institutions.  

According to Trump, if the resolution is adopted by the Security Council this would be unfair toward Israelis and will place Israel at a disadvantage in future negotiations.

Egypt presented the UN Security Council on Wednesday night with a draft resolution against Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Security Council vote is set to take place at 10:00 P.M. Israel time.

Israel's security cabinet will convene at 5 P.M. Thursday to discuss the resolution.  

Shortly after the draft resolution was circulated, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the U.S. to veto it, deeming it an "anti-Israel resolution."

Earlier on Thursday, the French ambassador to Israel said that the draft UN Security Council resolution against the settlements submitted by Egypt is balanced and matches France's position, and that she expects her country to support it.

Le Gal also said that it was Israel’s settlement policy, in particular the advancement of the outpost legalization bill, that pushed Egypt and the international community to promote an anti-settlement resolution in the Security Council. The statements by some Israeli ministers that Israel should launch a wave of settlement construction and take the two-state solution off the table also gave a push to the Security Council move, she added.