Weekly Walking Tours in Israel May 23-29 2014

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The temporary wooden bridge, at right, leading to the Mughrabi Gate that has been temporarily replaced by a wooden ramp.Credit: AP

Tel Aviv and Center

Experience Tel Aviv Tours Registration: (03) 725-3873. tourism@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

A Scent of Hope Tour of Hatikva market. Fri at 10.00; Ajami Neighborhood: Three Religions, One God Thematic tour. Fri at 10.00; Sand, Buildings, Dreams Conservation-themed tour. Sat at 10.00

Jerusalem and Area

Tower of David Tours Registration: (02) 626-5333. For more information, visit their website

Outpatient - Hospitals in the Old City Tour, following the development of hospitals in the 19th century and the challenges faced by medical pioneers in the face of poor hygiene and sanitation in the city. From Misgav Ladach, through the first Jewish Hospital and the English Mission Hospital, to the abandoned leper colony. In conjunction with the museum’s exhibit “Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis.” Fri at 10.00. Beit Shmuel Tours Registration: (02) 620-3461 dress modestly.

How Our Paths Cross Thematic talk and tour, on the physical body in Christian praying traditions. Includes entrance to two Christian Quarter churches during prayer time. Fri at 14.00; Evening Walk on the Walls An after-dark ramparts walk with stories and views of the Old City and the new. From the Jaffa Gate to a viewpoint of the Western Wall. Fri at 21.00; Cairo, Athens, New York... Jerusalem Tour through Givat Ram and see the influences of different cities on the location. Sat at 10.00;A Taste of Jerusalem A varied tour in honor of Jerusalem Day, including Old City alleys, a printing shop, several city markets and meetings with the city’s colorful population. Includes food tastings at several locations. Wed at 10.00.

Katamon - Historical tour of the neighborhood. In English. Tues at 09.30; Above, Below and Beyond the Old City Walls Old City tour of the Ramparts, Zedekiah’s Cave and more. In English. Wed at 09.30;The Greek Colony and Baka Explore the neighborhoods. In English. Thur at 09.30. With Miriam Simon. Registration: 054-521-6933.

Getting to Know the Shuk The ins and outs of Mahane Yehuda market. In English. Mon at 09.45. With Sybil Kaplan (02) 671-5135.

Along the Old City's Northern Wall  In English. Sat  at 10.00. Meet at Safra Square, 26 Jaffa Rd., with the Jerusalem Development Authority. Details: 106.