Tourist Tip #47 / The Old City After Dark

Explore the ancient city of Jerusalem after dark with a series of guided tours and events that aim to capture its unique nighttime charm.

When the sun sets on the Old City of Jerusalem and most of the tourists retreat to the comfort of their hotels, the daytime hub and bustle gives way to quiet reflection in the shadows.

But this doesn’t mean that at night, there's nothing to see. The Jerusalem Development Authority has teamed up with the City of Jerusalem and the Prime Minister's Office to present a new initiative; one which they hope will keep sightseers out and about long after the street lights come on.

Night-owl explorers can choose from a variety of post-dusk activities and events, including guided tours through the city's winding alleyways, musical tours along the Old City walls, street theater performances, live jazz for music lovers and culinary events, including cooking workshops, for foodies.

There's even a Viennese-style ball hosted by the Austrian Hospice, just off the famed Via Dolorosa.

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