Tourist Tip #46 / Frozen Yogurt, A-la Israel

In the third and last part of our series about frozen desserts, we’ll be taking a look at frozen yogurt, the do-it-yourself-dessert you can flavor in endless ways.

Israel has two main types of frozen yogurt. One is similar to the American-style soft serve typically made from a powdered mix with added milk and sugar. The other kind, made from real yogurt and pre-frozen and dispensed from a machine, is easier to find and incredibly versatile.

Marketed as a healthy alternative to other desserts, Israeli frozen yogurt generally comes in low-fat or sugar-free versions. At some shops, you can even find it made with goat's milk or buffalo milk.

Unlike in other countries, where the range of frozen yogurt flavors offers a veritable Baskin-Robbins of choices, Israeli frozen generally comes in a single taste: tart vanilla.

If you're not a fan of its lip-pursing flavor, though, the yogurt shop can be your oyster. Along with the creamy goods themselves, you'll find a huge and tempting selection of toppings, from the saintly to the sinful.

There are sauces of every flavor, including maple syrup, chocolate, honey and jam, as well as selection of dried and fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, and a staggering selection of candies and chocolates to pile on top.

Little ones, in particular, love managing the execution of their desserts, and in addition to more grown-up toppings you're sure to find plenty of colorful gummy candies to keep the kids happy. Just brace yourself for the inevitable sugar high that will likely follow.