Tourist Tip #37 / Bubble Tea

Even in Israel, you can find the the chewy, tapioca-infused tea drinks beloved in Asia and cities around the globe.

Israel, the land of hummus, kebab, mint-infused lemonade … and bubble tea?

That’s right, world travelers. Bubble tea, also known as boba, the tapioca-infused refreshment beloved across Asia and well-known in major cities around the globe, has made its way to Tel Aviv. So just because you’ve traveled far, don’t fret. Even in Israel, you can have your boba and drink it too.

The Tel Aviv store offers the sweet and milky drinks, which are stuffed with tapioca – wobbly pearls in gaudy rainbow colors, that look a bit like oversized fish roe.

If you’re not so into the tapioca, which are made from the roots of the cassava plant, you can opt for tea with bubbles formed from jelly and filled with fruit syrup.

This Israeli shop is part of a Taiwanese franchise that has stalls all across Europe.

Flavor options include taro, green tea, coffee, ginger and a garden’s worth of fruits. Specify tapioca or bubbles, and watch as your drink is stuffed with pearls and then sealed with a plastic-wrap lid. A huge plastic straw, wide enough to suck up the boba, is then inserted, piercing the lid and giving you a sweet and chewy drink that’s ready to chomp on the go. It’s a drink, it’s a snack … it’s Israeli boba tea!

BoboQ, Dizengoff Street 118, Tel Aviv