Tourist Tip #35: Tel Aviv's Bezalel Market

If you don't mind sifting through piles and working to find a killer deal, this cheap and cheerful city-center market is a bargain-hunters’ delight.

Cheap swimwear? Check. Children’s clothes? Check. Are you maybe in the market for inexpensive designer jeans, kitchen utensils, party dresses, multi-colored leggings and a whole host of beauty products?

If so, then you just might have found your next shopping spot – the Bezalel market in the heart of Tel Aviv, just off of King George Street. This market, which is especially popular among the locals, has been operating for years, but a nearby residential project means that some of the shops have already been affected, and may have to close their shutters for good.

If you’re a keen bargain hunter you'll love sifting through the stalls, which sell a wide assortment of items. And if you’re the sort of person who likes nothing more than to have a good rummage through huge heaps of clothes – on a quest for that elusive gem – you may just find yourself in retail heaven.

Although there's no guarantee that the items you find will be high quality, certain stalls are known to occasionally bring in bulging bags full of branded clothing. That means your designer diamond in the rough may be just one pile, or one heap of t-shirts, away.

But even if searching for cheap goods isn't at the top of your vacation to-do list, it's easy to forget to pack certain items and end up paying through the nose for them while abroad. This is where the market can really come in handy, with stalls hawking a huge collection of swimwear and beach-related items such as towels, flip-flops and sunscreen. It may be worth swinging by to pick up a cut-price deal on your way to the beach instead of splashing your cash on something you already have at home.