Tourist Tip #33 / Business Lunches

You can enjoy some fine dining without breaking the bank by taking advantage of a set lunch dealץ

If you’re planning on sampling some haute cuisine whilst on holiday, then you’re probably well aware that eating at the country’s finest restaurants isn’t going to be cheap.

Instead of treating yourself to just one big blowout during your trip, you can take advantage of the numerous “business lunch” deals on offer at many of the country’s restaurants, including the most expensive and luxurious among them.

These set lunchtime menus typically include a starter, a main course and a soft drink or dessert. The savings can be huge when you take into account the fact that the lunches usually cost the same as just one dish on the dinner menu would.

Although the "business lunch" menu won't give you the full range of dishes on the regular menu, the quality of the cooking remains the same and you may even find some of the restaurant’s signature dishes on the set menu.

As you can expect, these deals are very popular, so it’s best to ring ahead and make a reservation beforehand, although places do accept walk-ins if they have space. Business lunches are usually only available on weekdays, although some places may offer them on Fridays as well. If in doubt, call ahead and check. Make sure to ask about the specific hours as well: the business lunch deal isn't on for early supper.