Tourist Tip #7: Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv's Walk-in Icebox With Stores

Beat the heat, and its more vexing cousin, the humidity, by slipping into one of central Tel Aviv's biggest, and most-air conditioned, malls.

Tel Aviv is Israel's cosmopolitan nexus, and its busy streets, bursting with clothing stores, are enough to make a fashionista's heart go a-flutter. But when summer comes, with all its hemline-busting trends, so does the heat. And you can bet your bottom dollar that a sweaty shopper trying on couture is a salesgirl's worst nightmare.

"It's not the heat, it's the humidity" is practically the anthem of the White City. It's fun to shop till you drop, but not if that drop comes from passing out in the stifling, sticky air.

Luckily, in the heart of central Tel Aviv lies Dizengoff Center, a legendary shopping center that sits at the corner of Dizengoff and King George streets, within walking distance from the beach and other major tourist attractions.

Built in the late 1970s, Dizengoff Center is a geometric puzzle, with seemingly endless staircases and levels. The complex, which straddles both sides of Dizengoff Street, has multiple entrances, and inside its cool, climate-controlled corridors shoppers can find more than 400 shops. Hungry, bored, or just looking to give your credit card a break? Dizengoff Center also has a multi-screen cinema, as well as several coffee shops and restaurants, a full grocery store, salons, and a fitness center. On Thursday and Friday the center also sports a Food Court, with offerings from a plethora of restaurants.

Whatever your pleasure, you have a good chance of finding it among the long corridors filled with dry, cool air. Stay there long enough, and you may have a new truism: "It's not the shopping, it's the lack of sweat."