Tourist Tip #32 / You Can't Add the Tip to Your Credit Card

Before you head out for a dinner on the town, make sure you grab some shekels to tip your server. Not only is gratuity not included, you also can't pay for it with plastic.

Debra Kamin
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Israel's restaurant scene is getting hotter by the day, offering gourmand tourists a rich, varied scene that goes far beyond your typical shwarma and schnitzel. But while our finest bistros have certainly taken a page from the West when it comes to farm-fresh produce, excellent service and hushed, romantic atmosphere, one foreign luxury has yet to reach these shores. While you can certainly swipe your credit card to cover the cost of that expensive steak, when it comes to tipping your server, in Israel, cash is king.

Very few restaurants in this country will allow you add the tip to the final tab, forcing you to leave it in cash on the table, instead. While diners in Israel tend to tip only between 10 and 15 percent, if you aren't carrying shekels, your poor server will be the one to lose out. So after your sumptuous feast, make sure you don't starve the person who served it to you. Cash: Don't leave home without it.

Waiter taking orders at a restaurant in Israel.Credit: Haaretz