Tourist Tip #233 / The Tel Aviv Kabbalah Centre

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Granted, Israel’s capital of cool is no Safed or Hebron, but when it comes to Kabbalah, it’s the white city on the Mediterranean Sea that brings those red-string-bracelet wearers flocking.

If you’ve got an itch to explore Jewish mystical thought - which, mark you, is not a cult inside Judaism, just a school of thought - the Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv is a good place to start.

Located on Rehov Ben Ami, next to the cinema complex just behind Dizengoff Square, the Tel Aviv branch is the Israeli outpost of the global Kabbalah Centre headquartered in Los Angeles.

The center offers courses and seminars in Hebrew and English, a Kabbalah-centric bookshop, and just a place to hang out for  Kabbalah devotees.

The organization also recently opened a bookstore in Tiberias, at 40 Galilee Street, which offers special services to English-speaking "Kabbalah tourists" - including lectures.

if you’re more interested in studying people than ancient texts, you can gawk at the devotees who hail from far and wide, hoping to gain insight into age-old mystical teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre might also be your best bet for a local star sighting: A-list devotees including Demi Moore and Madonna have made pilgrimages just to study at this building, and it’s rumored that “Dude Where’s My Car?” actor (and Demi Moore ex-hubby) Ashton Kutcher will touch down there next week.

The Kabbalah Center in Tel Aviv.Credit: Courtesy of the Kabbalah Center

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