Things to Do Around Israel, November 27-December 3, 2015

Your guide to exhibits, tours and other attractions around Israel.

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Award-winning Israeli gymnast Stefani Ivanzov.
Award-winning Israeli gymnast Stefani Ivanzov will compete in the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Nes Tziona over the weekend.Credit: Amit Schussel


Eretz Israel Museum 

The Planetarium at the museum offers films based on the solar system, on a revolving stage: “Secrets of the Suns,” ages 11+. Sat at 10.30; Sun-Wed at 10.30; Thur 10.30, 14.30, 19.30; “The Wonder Telescope,” ages 7+. Sat at 13.30; Sun-Wed 13.30; Thur 13.30, 16.30; “Stars,” ages 5+. Sat at 11.30; Sun-Wed 11.30; Thur 11.30, 15.30, 18.30; “Astronaut,” ages 5+. Sat at 12.30; Sun-Wed at 12.30; Thur 12.30, 17.30. Pre-booking required for English performances: (03) 745-5710/720. Museum hours: Fri 10.00-14.00; Sat 10.00-16.00; Sun-Wed 10.00-16.00; Thur 10.00-20.00

Olive Tree Harvest

Activities include olive picking, olive pressing and olive oil tastings. Includes workshops, lectures and tours. For the entire family. Fri 10.00-14.00; Sat 10.00-16.00; Sun-Thur 10.00-12.00, 16.30-18.30. Beit Shamna Olive Press, Moshav Hagor, near Rosh Ha’ayin. Details: (03) 903-3380, 

Nahum Gutman Museum

The Dwarf, the Giant and the Princess An interactive exhibit that looks at modern interpretations of old tales, imagination and kids’ culture. For the entire family. Museum hours: Fri 10.00-14.00; Sat 10.00-15.00; Mon-Thur 10.00-16.00. 21 Rokach St., Neve Tzedek

Ice Peaks 

Ice-skating rink, climbing wall and zip-line. Fri 11.30-23.00; Sat 10.00-23.00; Mon-Thur 17.30-20.00 Peres Park, 1 Mifratz Shlomo St., Holon

The Safari

The 250-acre park is home to 200 species of wild mammals, birds and reptiles, and offers tours and activities. Fri and holiday eves 09.00-16.00; Sat-Thur 09.00-17.00 (last entry 2 hours before closing). 1 Sderot Hatzvi, Ramat Gan (03) 630-5305;

Yitzhak Rabin Center

Celebrating the life and legacy of the assassinated prime minister, the center and its museum combine Rabin’s personal story with the development of the burgeoning Jewish State of Israel. Activities include guided historical tours, and educational workshops on such ideas as democracy and remembrance. Fri 09.00-14.00; Sun, Mon, Wed 09.00-17.00; Tues, Thur 09.00-19.00. 8 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv 


Jerusalem Puzzle Quest 

This new “escape room” is an interactive game taking place in a locked room and like a mystery puzzle, can only be unlocked once the clues are solved and the codes deciphered. The object of the game is to escape and outsmart the Nazir, a character played by a performer, who is trying to keep participants from solving the puzzle within the 60-minute time limit needed to win the game. A team activity for families and groups. Ages 10+. Fri 10.00, 12.00, 14.00; Sat every two hours, on the hour, beginning one hour after Shabbat ends, until midnight; Sun-Thur 10.00-21.00. 28 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot. Registration: 

Tower of David

Home to the Museum of the History of Jerusalem, the Tower of David features a permanent exhibit that illustrates the city’s history and its significance to three religions. The tower itself is an archaeological site and offers a 360-degree view of the Old City of Jerusalem. The museum also stages temporary exhibits that connect ancient history with contemporary themes and hosts lectures, guided tours and other cultural events. The Night Spectacular A night show presenting the history of Jerusalem, with images projected onto walls, bridges and hidden pathways of the ancient citadel. Sat 19.30, 20.30; Mon, Wed, Thur 19.00, 20.00. Museum hours: Fri 09.00-14.00; Sat 09.00-16.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-16.00

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 

Israel’s biggest plant collection, organized geographically, with over 6,000 plants throughout the grounds. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat, Sun-Thur 09.00-17.00. 1 Zalman Shneor St. (via Nayot Petrol Station). Shabbat entry from 1 Burla St. (02) 679-4012,

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Biblical Zoo)

Natural exhibits of over 160 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates from around the world. Includes a children’s zoo with a petting corner, educational activities and the Noah’s Ark sculpture garden. Among the activities: Selfie with Thai Elephants Every Friday a raffle drawing will be held for a chance to visit the elephants’ grounds where spectators can feed and pet the elephants, as well as take a selfie with them. Proceeds from raffle tickets go to support an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Fri 09.00-16.30; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-18.00. Biblical Zoo, Derech Aharon Shulov 1. (02) 675-0111

Mini Israel

Over 350 miniature replicas of historical, religious, archaeological and modern sites and buildings from around the country. Guided tours by appointment. Fri and holiday eves 10.00-14.00; Sat 17.00-22.00; Sun-Thur 10.00-17.00. Location at Latrun 1-700-559-559,

Bloomfield Science Museum

The museum contains exhibits and workshops dealing with light and shadow, construction, levers, illusions, fire, electricity and more. Among the exhibits: The Power of the Wind includes interactive stations designed to demonstrate different-sized items carried by air currents. For the entire family. Fri and holiday eves 10.00-15.00; Sat and holidays 10.00-16.00; Mon-Thur 10.00-18.00.

Gazelle Valley

Visit the nature park, where deer roam free, despite being surrounded by the urban landscape of Jerusalem. Handicap accessible. Open all hours. Off the intersection of Herzog and Pat streets

Herzl Museum

The museum provides details on the life and influence of Theodor Herzl, the founding father of Zionism. At the entrance to Mt. Herzl, on Herzl Blvd. By appointment: (02) 671-3770

Monkey Park

Guided tours, workshops, feedings, rides, wall climbing and other activities. Fri and holiday eves 10.00-14.00; Sat-Thur 10.00-18.00 (last entry two hours before closing). Ben Shemen Forest (near Kfar Daniel) (08) 928-5888,


Winery in the Golan Heights 

The Bazelet Hagolan winery celebrates the fall season with activities that include wine and cheese tastings, video screening about winemaking and guided tours of the vineyards and winery. Fri 09.00-13.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-15.00. Moshava Kidmat Tzvi, Golan Heights (04) 696-5010,

Gan Guru 

The park is home to wildlife including kangaroos and koalas, with Aboriginal face-painting and guided koala and bat feedings. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat 09.00-17.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-16.00. Australia Park, Kibbutz Nir David, (04) 648-8060,

Park of Springs

Explore the Park of Springs (Hamayanot) by foot or bicycle. The park includes springs, a stream, fishponds, heritage sites, migrating birds and agricultural areas. Open daily from 09.00-16.00. Near Kibbutz Nir David, (04) 688-1427,

Hamat Gader

Enjoy a giant tent compound, pedal boats, a parrot show, crocodile feedings, local hot springs, and more. Fri, Thur 08.30-22.00; Sat-Wed 08.30-17.00; Hamat Gader, off Route 98 and south of Lake Kinneret. Details: *6393 


International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament 2015

Three hundred gymnasts from around the world, including world champions, will compete at this prestigious event (November 27-28). The categories include junior level, ages 13-15, and senior level, ages 16+. Fri, Sat 09.00-20.30. Heichal Hatarbut, Nes Tziona. Details:


A children’s museum offering an interactive experience, with original games that activate the senses. Sat 09.30-18.30, Sun-Thur 09.00-13.00, 16.00-19.00. Lunada, 25 Hareuveni St., Be’er Sheva

Bird Watching Park 

Learn about the life and migrating patterns of many different bird species, observe them as they land in the nearby lake and trees, and understand Israel’s vital role in many migrating birds’ flight plans and survival. Open daily, at all hours. Off the Arava Rd., from Route 90 and then east on Route 109. 050-767-1290,

Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat

The park sits on the coral reef of the Red Sea, providing an up-close introduction to the fauna of the Gulf of Eilat, including over 800 species of fish, corals, mollusks, turtles, rays and more. The park’s shark pool is home to 18 shark species, and offers an underwater observation tunnel, activities and displays. Additional attractions include the open-sea underwater observatory, aquariums, the Amazon Cabin (featuring fauna from the Amazon River), animal feedings, glass-bottomed boat cruises, 3D educational films and more. Daily, 08.30-16.00. Coral (Almog) Beach, Eilat (08) 636-4200,