Things to Do Around Israel, March 6-12, 2015

Your guide to exhibits, tours and other attractions around Israel.

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Florentine Circus.
Florentine Circus.Credit: Daniel Tchetchik


Meet the Chefs

A festival giving food lovers the opportunity to meet their favorite culinary artists, go behind the scenes and participate in workshops. March 11-14. In over 70 restaurants throughout Tel Aviv. Details:

Purim in Sarona

Sarona, the renovated Templer colony, hosts a fun holiday celebration with creative workshops, family dancing and children’s performances. Fri and Sat at 10.00. Sarona neighborhood, Kaplan St.

A Bialik Purim

Home to Haim Nahman Bialik, Israel’s “national poet,” the Bialik House and neighboring Old Tel Aviv City Hall offers special family tours and performances to celebrate the holiday. Fri and Sat at 10.00. Bialik House, 22 Bialik St. Details: (03) 525-3403

The Storybook Gardens Project

Holon continues to offer up fun family activities by incorporating even more characters and themes of beloved children’s books into monuments and statues dispersed in about 50 parks throughout the city. These include scenes from “Apartment for Rent,” “The Little Prince” and “Where’s Pluto.” Open to the public at all hours of the day. Details:

Ice Peaks

The ice hall invites the entire family for an event that includes a climbing wall, extreme sports activities, costumes and lots of icy fun. Wed and Thur from 10.00-23.00. 1 Mifratz Shlomo St., Holon

Caricatures Dressed as Animals

A new exhibit for the entire family that emphasizes humor as an emotional outlet. Specifically, the exhibit highlights the comical side in light of the current political situation in Israel. Thur at 09.00. Man and the Living World Museum, Ramat Gan. Details: (03) 631-5010

Florentine Circus

The modern circus group presents family fun, with “Mayhem in the Circus,” a performance  that includes juggling, aerial acrobatics, dance and more, for all ages, followed by circus workshops for kids. Sat at 13.00, 15.00, 17.00. Hakfar Hayarok, Ramat Hasharon (off Hakfar Hayarok junction). Tickets: (03) 524-7373,

The Safari

The park is home to 200 species of wild mammals, birds and reptiles, and offers tours and activities. Fri and holiday eves 09.00-14.00, Sat-Thur 09.00-14.30. 1 Sderot Hatzvi, Ramat Gan (03) 632-0222,


Bloomfield Science Museum

The museum contains permanent exhibits dealing with light and shadow, construction, levers, illusions, fire, electricity and more, for the entire family.  Whip up Light Creations in the Kitchen Make shadow books out of every day materials; Meet Math Exhibit. Displaying different mathematical principles through fractals, topology, number theory and more; Fri 10.00-14.00, Sat 10.0-15.00, Mon-Thur 10.00-18.00.

Bible Lands Museum

Following the Book of Esther Interactive children’s tour for Purim. Ages 5-10. Fri at 11.00, 12.00; Yiddish Tour of the Museum Focusing on current exhibits. Fri at 11.00; Treasure Hunt for Families Go on adventures through history, with a secret code and treasre chest to boot. For ages 6-12. Sat 10.00; Themed exhibits  (see Art).  Fri, Sat and holiday eves 10.00-14.00; Sun, Mon, Tues and Thur 09.30-17.30; Wed 09.30-21.30. 21 Stefan Wise St. (02) 561-1066

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Biblical Zoo)

Natural exhibits of over 160 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates originating from around the world. Includes a children’s zoo with a petting corner, educational activities, and  the Noah’s Ark sculpture garden. Fri and holiday eves, 09.00-16.30; Sat and holidays 10.00-17.00; Sun-Thur, 09.00-17.00. Biblical Zoo, Derech Aharon Shulov 1. (02) 675-0111.

Mini Israel

Over 350 miniature replicas of historical, religious, archaeological and modern sites and buildings from around the country. Guided tours by appointment. Fri 10.00-14.00, Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun-Thur 10.00-17.00. Latrun 1-700-559-559;


Come On

Musical circus. An original, modern-day show featuring acrobats, jugglers and live music performances. Wed at 11.30. Goldstar Zappa, Herzliya (03) 762-6666


Medrano Circus

The Italian circus is celebrating 150 years with a world tour, bringing its spectacular show to Israel. Over 40 award-winning performers, including clowns, trapeze artists, acrobats and more. Fri and Sat at 10.00, 12.30, 16.00, 18.00. Hutzot HaMifratz, Haifa. Details: *6578,

The Janco-Dada Museum:

Adlodada A festive holiday celebration at the museum, includes: Labradada A creative space intended to imbue participants with the principles of modern art. Includes an interactive experience inspired by Dadaism. Ages 4+. Fri and Sat at 10.00; The Evolution of Love A theatrical and acrobatic display portraying the theory of evolution. Ages 4+. Sat at 11.30. Ein Hod Artists’ Village, Ein Hod (04) 984-2350

Stone in the Galilee

The international Stone Sculpture Festival and symposium hosts a variety of entertainment events and activities, including workshops, plays, acrobatics and circus shows, live music, sing-alongs,  educational activities, boating events and more. Fri-Sun. Monfort Lake, Ma’alot-Tarshiha. Details: (04) 957-08871

Purim Carnival

Artists and street performers, including jugglers and makeup artists, as well as guided tours with Captain Hook himself, all combine to create a magical experience over the holiday. Thur at 10.00. Hamat Gader (04) 665-9999,

Gan Guru

The park is home to wildlife including kangaroos, koalas, flying foxes, emus and more. Guided feedings and a petting zoo. Every Saturday: Aboriginal face-painting, and guided koala and bat feedings. Fri, 09.00-15.00; Sat 09.00-17.00; Sun-Thur, 09.00-16.00. Australia Park, Kibbutz Nir David (04) 648-806


The Society for the Protection of Nature

Saving Open Spaces in Rehovot Joining professional nature guides for a gathering aimed to halt the development in open areas throughout east Rehovot. Fri at 09.00. Details: (03) 638-8688


A new children’s museum offering its visitors a fascinating interactive experience, with original games that activate the different senses. Eight knowledge centers are dispersed throughout the grounds, offering activities for a variety of ages. Opening hours: Sat 09.00-17.30, Sun-Thur 09.00-13.00. Lunada, 25 Hareuveni St., Be’er Sheva