Things to Do Around Israel, August 5-11, 2016

Your guide to exhibits, tours and other attractions around Israel.

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 A Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky in Mitzpeh Ramon.
A Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky in Mitzpeh Ramon.Credit: Tal Nitzan

iJump – Trampoline Park 

An indoor facility with huge trampolines, jumping and play area and more. Ages 6+. Fri 09.00-19.00, Sat 09.00-23.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-23.00. Tel Aviv: Drive in Arena, 7 Isaac Remba St. Also in Petah Tikva: 55 Ben Zion Galis St.; Haifa: Krayot Big Center, 248 Hahistadrut Ave. Details:

The Levant Fair (Yarid Hamizrach) 

Over the summer, the Port hosts street performers, living statues, food and artists’ stalls, Latin dancing and movie screenings every Monday night from 18.30, as well children’s shows on Tuesdays. Tel Aviv Port 

Beit Hatfutsot, Museum of the Jewish People

An exhibit for the whole family: “Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People.” On key figures in Jewish culture, including scientists, intellectuals, leaders, revolutionaries, cultural figures, athletes and others. Includes activities and games. Museum hours: Fri 09.00-13.00; Sun-Tues 10.00-16.00; Wed, Thur 10.00-19.00. 2 Klausner St., Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv. Tickets: 

LEGO Fun Festival 

Giant LEGO statues, favorite children’s characters, and scenes from LEGO Ninjago, Batman and Nexo Knights are just some of the displays at this event. Other activities include minigolf, virtual reality movies, a PlayStation 4 console area, an electric train ride, creative corners to build personal models, and interactive exhibitions. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat-Thur 09.00-18.30. July 9-August 28. Bitan 2, Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv. Tickets:

Eretz Israel Museum 

Safari-Inspired Tour In conjunction with the exhibit “Wildlife Photographer of the Year,” led by staff from the Ramat Gan Safari, with an emphasis on animal hospitals. Sat 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00; Ice Age and the Dinosaurs An interactive exhibit featuring more than 43 different life-sized models of dinosaurs and Ice Age mammals, some of which are robotic and life-like. Includes a carousel, a role-playing activity to be a paleontologist, a 25-minute 3D film screening, games and a guided tour (Thur at 18.00). For the entire family. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat-Thur 09.00-21.00. Tickets:; My Second Childhood Special activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, based on stories and artifacts from when grandpa and grandma were young. Includes lectures, creative workshops, and a guided tour of the museum’s exhibits. Sat at 10.30; The Planetarium Films about the solar system, on a revolving stage. “Secrets of the Suns,” ages 11+. Sat at 15.00, Sun-Thur at 10.30; “The Wonder Telescope,” ages 7+. Sat at 14.00, Sun-Wed at 13.30; Thur 13.30, 19.00; “Stars,” ages 5+. Sat at 12.00, Sun-Wed at 11.30, Thur 11.30, 17.00; “Astronaut,” ages 5+. Sat at 11.00, Sun-Thur at 15.00; “Life of Trees,” ages 5+. Sat at 13.00, Thur 16.00, 18.00. Museum hours: Fri 10.00-14.00; Sat-Mon, Wed 10.00-16.00; Tues, Thur 10.00-22.00

Ramat Gan Safari 

The 250-acre park is home to 200 species of wild mammals, birds and reptiles, and offers tours, activities and workshops, led by staff members. Fri and holiday eves 09.00-16.00; Sat and holidays, Sun-Thur 09.00-16.30 (last entry 2 hours before closing). 1 Sderot Hatzvi, Ramat Gan (03) 630-5305;

Man and the Living World Museum

Exhibits for the entire family: “Nine Lives” showcases different works by a range of artists on the subject of cats and cat lovers. A creative activity in conjunction with the exhibit will be held on Wed at 10.00; “The Wild Animals of Nahum Gutman and Friends.” The works on display are inspired by Gutman’s illustrations and depict a playful alternative to hunting. A creative activity in conjunction with the exhibit will be held on Sun at 10.00. Museum hours: Sat 10.00-17.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-14.00. National Park, Ramat Gan (03) 631-5010

Ice Peaks 

Ice skating rink, climbing wall and zip-line. Fri 11.30-23.00; Sat 10.00-23.00, Mon-Thur 17.30-20.00. Mifratz Shlomo St., Holon

Yitzhak Rabin Center

Celebrating the life and legacy of the assassinated prime minister, the center and its museum combine Rabin’s personal story with the development of the burgeoning Jewish State of Israel. Activities include guided historical tours, and educational workshops on such ideas as democracy and remembrance. Fri 09.00-14.00; Sun, Mon, Wed 09.00-17.00; Tues, Thur 09.00-19.00. 8 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv *4585


Scaventure Hunt

The Reveal Jerusalem MegaScaventure event takes place on Jerusalem’s streets. Race to reveal its secrets and compete in missions to win prizes. For the entire family. Thur at 15.30. Meet at The First Station, 4 David Remez St. Registration: 

Friends of Zion Museum 

Focuses on the significant role played by Christians who tried to save the Jews during the Holocaust and who contributed to the establishment of the State of Israel. Features exhibits on the Jewish nation’s dream of restoring their historic homeland and the non-Jews who assisted them in accomplishing that dream. A tour, with 3D presentations, is offered daily (ages 7+). Fri 09.30-14.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun-Thur 09.30-18.00. 20 Yosef Rivlin St., Jerusalem. Reservations: 

I Am Jerusalem 

A multimedia show that takes visitors on a multi-sensory journey to experience the Jerusalem of today, yesterday and tomorrow, as well as the city’s different sounds, sights, people and scents. Ages 5+. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat (after Shabbat-23.00); Sun-Thur 09.00-22.00. At Mamilla Avenue shopping center. Tickets: 

Neot Kedumim

The park hosts family tours with an emphasis on life in ancient times. Tour activities include making survival tools using trees, baking bread on an open fire, picking tea leaves and more. Thur 17.00-19.30. Details: (08) 977-0770,


The family amusement park offers a range of activities for all ages, including swimming, tubing, carousels, bumper cars, a 140-meter roller coaster, games, an indoor Gymboree and more, as well as a chocolate-making workshop, for ages 3+. Fri 10.00-17.00; Sat 10.00-19.00. Kibbutz Tzuba. Details: (02) 534-7952,

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 

Enchanted Nights Take an after-hours tour of the gardens through seven stations, each featuring a fairytale story, including a mischievous goblin and dwarves mining gold together. Sat, Sun-Thur 17.00-22.00. Tickets:; The Children’s Discovery Trail A sensory exploration activity that incorporates trails, a canopy walk through the trees, touching water plants from the wooden deck, a “down to the roots” exhibit and tours. For the entire family. Activity hours: 10.00-14.30. Regular offering: Israel’s biggest plant collection, organized geographically, with over 6,000 plants throughout the grounds. Fri 09.00-17.00; Sat, Sun-Thur 09.00-16.00. 1 Zalman Shneor St. (via Nayot Petrol Station). Shabbat entry from 1 Burla St. Details: (02) 679-4012,

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Biblical Zoo) 

From Mozart to Michael Jackson Every Thursday, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra will give a concert, from classical to pop music. Thur 17.30, 18.30; Enchanted Hours Juggling shows (Tues 17.15, 18.15), lizard workshops (Mon, Tues at 18.00) and a chance to meet with the animal keepers (Sun-Thur at 16.30); Sunset and Night Tours Learn how elephants sleep, what gazelles do at night and more. Sunset tours: tigers and bears, Sun at 17.45; elephants, Thur at 17:45; Overnight tour (ages 6+): Mon 20.30-08.30; Night tours: Sun at 20.30 and Tues at 18:45 (on a train ride). Fri 09.00-16.30; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-19.00. Biblical Zoo, Aharon Shulov St. (02) 675-0111

Herzl Museum

The museum provides details on the life and influence of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. At the entrance to Mt. Herzl. By appointment: (02) 632-1515 

Tower of David Museum

Home to the Museum of the History of Jerusalem, the Tower of David features a permanent exhibit about the city’s history and its significance to three religions. The tower itself is an archaeological site and offers a 360-degree view of the Old City of Jerusalem. It also stages temporary exhibits (see Art) that connect ancient history with contemporary themes, and hosts lectures, guided tours and other cultural events. The Night Spectacular - A night show presenting the history of Jerusalem, with images projected onto the walls, bridges and hidden pathways of the ancient citadel. Sun-Thur at 20.30, 21.30, 22.30. Museum hours: Fri 09.00-16.00; Sat-Mon, Wed, Thur 09.00-17.00; Tues 09.00-19.00.

Bloomfield Science Museum

Fields of Tomorrow An interactive exhibit on agricultural innovations and their ability to cope with an increased demand on the world’s food supply. Including both indoor and outdoor areas, the exhibit invites visitors to learn about hydroponic agriculture, pollination, drip irrigation systems and more. Workshops include how to find energy sources in pita and cucumber, on natural tastes and smells, as well as guided tours. Tiny Giants BBC nature documentary in 3D. Screenings: Fri at 12.00; Sat at 13.00. Museum hours: Fri and holiday eves 

Yad Vashem

Established as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust and home to the Holocaust History Museum. It offers visitors a guided tour in English (see Tours) and presents a variety of important Survivors’ testimonies, personal diaries, artifacts and more. Special exhibit: Children in the Holocaust: Stars Without a Heaven The exhibit is devoted to the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust and displays their stories. Mount of Remembrance, Har Hazikaron St., off Herzl St. (02) 644-3802. Museum hours: Fri 09.00-14.00; Sun-Wed 09.00-17.00; Thur 09.00-20.00 

Mini Israel

Hosts a daily happening over the summer with an emphasis on grandparents and grandchildren spending time together. It offers children’s shows, activities for all ages, as well as free entry for grandparents on Tuesdays from 17.00-22.00. Regular offerings: Over 350 miniature replicas of historical, religious, archaeological and modern sites and buildings from around the country. Guided tours by appointment. Fri and holiday eves 10.00-14.00; Sat, Sun-Thur 10.00-17.00. Location at Latrun 1-700-559-559,

Monkey Park

Guided tours, workshops, feedings, rides, wall climbing and other activities. Fri and holiday eves 10.00-14.00; Sat-Thur 10.00-15.00. Ben Shemen Forest (near Kfar Daniel). Info: (08) 928-5888,

Sharon Area

Shanghai Circus 

The acrobatic extravaganza, combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technology, features over 30 artists. Fri at 16.00; Sun, Tues, Thur at 18.00. University Parking, Kiryat Hasharon. On Prof. Yosef Klausner St., Netanya. Tickets: *2207,


Yiftah’el Winery 

The winery welcomes families to pick grapes from its vineyard, make grape juice and personalize bottles to take home. The bottles will be entered in a design competition for a chance to win prizes. Starts Saturday. Fri, Sat 09.00-14.00; Sun-Thur 09.00-12.30, 16.00-19.30. Alon Hagalil, Lower Galilee. Details:

Bell Ofri 

Hosts grape juice and bread-making workshops (for children) and guided tours (for adults) of its vineyard and farm. The ecological farm also includes a petting corner, boutique winery, dairy restaurant and oil press. Daily, 09.00-19.00. Kidmat Tzvi village, Golan Heights. Daily Registration: 052-880-5026

The 7th Osho Israel Festival 

Wellness event with workshops including yoga, meditation, chakra breathing, tantra, dance, and more by local and international therapists and facilitators, and featuring happenings and live music shows by Israeli performers. Food and overnight facilities available. August 4-6. Givat Haviva Campus, in the Wadi Ara region. Details and registration: 052-772-0200

Gan Guru

Overnight Stay at Gan Guru The park, home to wildlife including kangaroos and koalas, invites families to camp out overnight on its grounds and take part in a special tour of the animals, ending with breakfast the next morning, followed by a feeding demonstration for the kangaroos. Fri 09.00-15.00; Sat-Thur 09.00-20.00. Australia Park, Kibbutz Nir David (04) 648-8060, 

Indi Park 

The theme park includes stand up paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, surfing, canoeing, wall climbing, nature art workshops and more. Open all week from 09.00-17.00. Located in Yesud Hama’ala in the Hula Valley. Details:

Hamat Gader

Enjoy the 360 Extreme Splash pool, a giant tent compound, pedal boats, a parrot show, crocodile feedings, local hot springs, and more. Fri, Thur 08.30-22.00; Sat 08.30-19.00; Sun-Wed 08.30-17.00; Hamat Gader, off Route 98 and south of Lake Kinneret. Details: *6393

Israel Railway Museum

The national railway museum of Israel features the country’s railway history, antique train cars and other railway items. Sun-Thur 08.00-16.00. 1 Hativat Golani St., Haifa. Details:


Meteor Shower at Mitzpeh Ramon and Timna Park

The annual Perseid meteor shower event takes place on Thursday evening at two locations. Mitzpeh Ramon hosts a stargazing event that includes lectures on astronomy, designated barbecuing areas, movie screenings and other activities for the entire family. It will also turn off the town’s lights so visitors will have a clear view of the meteor shower through large portable telescopes, guided by experts. Thur from 20.00. At the Football Stadium, Mitzpeh Ramon. Details:; (08) 868-1635. Timna Park also hosts its nightly happening, which includes giant telescopes, guided park tours and a pop-up planetarium for children. Thur 20.00-02.00. Timna Park, in the southwestern Arava. Details: 1-800-225-007, 

Top 94 – Theme Park 

The park, which has both indoor and outdoor facilities, features a climbing wall, paintball, go-karts, mini bungee jumping, a ropes course, a play corner for younger kids and more. Fri 10.00-17.00; Sat 10.00-20.00; Sun-Thur 10.00-21.00. 1 Hashravrav St., Eilat. Details:


A children’s museum offering a fascinating interactive experience, with original games that activate the various senses. Sat, Sun-Thur 09.30-18.30. Lunada, 25 Hareuveni St., Be’er Sheva

Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat

The park sits upon the coral reef of the Red Sea, providing an up-close introduction to the fauna of the Gulf of Eilat, including over 800 species of fish, corals, mollusks, turtles, rays and more. The park’s shark pool is home to 18 shark species, and offers an underwater observation tunnel, activities and displays. Additional attractions include the open-sea underwater observatory, aquariums, the Amazon Cabin (featuring fauna from the Amazon River), animal feedings, glass-bottomed boat cruises, 3D educational films and more. Daily, 08.30-16.00. Coral (Almog) Beach, Eilat (08) 636-4200,