Out and About May 30-June 5, 2014: Wear White and Dine on Cheese as Israel Celebrates Shavuot

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Shavuot happening at Hatachana, Tel Aviv. Credit: Doron Sahar

Tel Aviv and Center

Magical Night at the Safari

The Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan (“The Safari”) celebrates 40 years of activity with after-dark tours of the open air animal enclosures and specially-created lighting and sound experiences. Daily, 19.00-23.00; Regular offerings: The 250-acre park is home to 200 species of wild mammals, birds and reptiles, and offers tours and activities. Opening hours: Fri and Holiday eves 09.00-16.00, Sat-Thur 09.00-18.00 (last entry 2 hours before closing). 1 Sderot Hatzvi, Ramat Gan (03) 630-5305, www.safari.co.il

Man and the Living World Museum

Taming Animals Activity on the history of animal taming, pets, farm animals and more. Thur at 10.00, 11.00, 12.00; An Ocean of Life Exhibition of ocean-themed paintings by artist Olga Soslova; Leah Goldberg - The Poet who Loved to Draw Exhibit of the renowned children’s author’s books, illustrations and drawings; Regular events: The natural history museum has permanent and special exhibits for the entire family. Sat 10.00-17.00; Sun-Tues 09.00-14.00; Wed 10.00-17.00; Thur 10.00-16.00. National Park, Ramat Gan. (03) ‏631-7016, www.adamvechai.org.il

Jerusalem and Area


The transnational anti-sexual harassment event takes place this month, with men and women marching in “slutty” costume to protest rape, inequality and other sexually-based harassment phenomena, and in support of women’s freedom in dress and behavioral choices. This week: SlutWalk (Mitz’ad Hasharmutot) Jerusalem, Fri at 12.00, from Davidka Square (Jaffa Rd.) to Queen Heleni St. 054-451-0606 and on Facebook

Bloomfield Science Museum

Maker Fair 2014 Exhibition and workshops: Build, create, combine play with design and technology, and view dozens of entertaining new inventions from Israel and around the world (June 5-6). For adults and children. Thur, 10.00-18.00; 2014 The Sand Bricks Box Make sand bricks, workshop. Ages 3+; The Blue Bricks Learn basic engineering and teamwork by building with huge blue sponge bricks; Why Don’t Buildings Fall? Scientific demonstration of the history of human construction; Sandal in the Desert Design and make sandals, then take them home; Science Theater: Fun in the Lab Dr. Molecule in “Moments Hovering,” a wacky presentation on air and hovering. Fri 10.00-14.00; Sat 10.00-16.00, Mon-Thur 10.00-18.00. www.mada.org.il

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Biblical Zoo)

Taste of Summer Welcome the summer with outdoor music workshops, juggling and soap bubble activities. Thur, 16.30-19.00; Wildlife - World on the Verge of Extinction Wildlife photography exhibit, by Dafna Ben-Nun. During opening hours; Regular offerings: Guided feedings, petting zoo and elephant training • Fri and holiday eves, 09.00-16.30; Sat and holidays, 10.00-18.00; Sun-Thur, 9.00-19.00. Biblical Zoo‏, Aharon Shulov Rd., Malha (02) 675-0111. Details: www.jerusalemzoo.org.il/english

Sharon Area

Shakti Women’s Festival

The three-day women’s interests and empowerment festival takes place for the 12th year running (May 29-31), offering special interest areas for a variety of ages, physical states (including pregnancy and mothers with young babies), therapeutic or creative inclinations, as well as information sessions on a plethora of subjects, from financial empowerment to sexuality. Panel discussion, workshops, rituals, dance and live music performances are offered, and a pool area, sweat lodge, sleeping arrangements, food and bazaar are on site. For women, girls and babies only. Fri, Sat throughout the day. Givat Haviva 052-367-7373, www.shakti.co.il

Shavuot happenings

Tel Aviv and Center

From the Country to the City Water slides, live music, a gymboree, culinary workshops, sheep shearing, milking and cheesemaking, mini-safari and petting corner, giant soap bubbles, buggies, a butterfly tent, straw bales, rural produce and much, much more. For the entire family. Tues, 10.30-16.00. Park Hahorshot, adjacent to the Nature School and the botanical gardens, 71 Sderot Ben-Tzvi

Hatachana - The Station Compound

Straw bales, flowers and a shaded tent set the mood for holiday-related activities, petting corners, bread-baking, live music and more. Tues, from 10.30 • Hatachana Compound, Hamered St. corner of Koyfman St. www.hatachana.co.il

Modi’in Region - Celebration in White

Reap wheat, milk goats, make cheese, take part in culinary workshops, taste wine and partake of many other agriculturally-related tours and activities. For the entire family. May 29-June 7. Fri-Thur, in locations throughout the Modi’in region. (03) 972-8999, www.thm.org.il

Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve

Shavuot-related tours, Australian-aboriginal interactive musical performances, and “Dream Time” - an aboriginal-style painting workshop. Ages 4+ and the entire family. Thur, from 10.00. Neot Kedumim, Ben Shemen Forest. (08) 977-0770, www.n-k.org .il

Jerusalem and Area

Scribal Arts Workshop Demonstration and workshop on the hidden dimensions of the Hebrew letters. Sunday at 20.00. Martef Theater, 7 Emek Refaim St. (entrance on Patterson St. alleyway). Details: www.kolhaot.com; info@kolhaot.com, 050-790-4964

Binyamin Region Events

Bread From the Earth Learn about sowing, growing and reaping wheat, thrash, grind, bake and taste the bread you make. Thur, 10.00-17.00. Alfa Le’Solet Flour Mill, Neve Erez. 050-498-0058; Shavuot at Inbalim Creative corners and live music. Thur, Fri, at Inbalim Ecological Farm, Neve Erez.  050-432-4446, 050-745-1432; Wool and Fun Creative and fun activities, with play area, petting corner, sheep shearing and wool making. For the entire family. Thur, from 15.00. Ma’ale Levona Petting Zoo. 052-607-0384; Bad B’vad Crafts Fair Ceramics, jewelry, fashion, art, vintage and other items by local craftspeople. Thur, 17.00-21.00. Bad B’vad Cafe, Horesh Yaron. 052-566-6436


The amusement park offers holiday-related creative workshops (12.00-14.00) and a kibbutz-style Shavuot Bikkurim ceremony with audience participation (14.00). Wednesday, from 12.00. Kibbutz Tzuba. www.kiftzuba.co.il

Haifa and the North

Wheat: From the Field to the Oven Bell Ofri educational farm invites you to join in its ancient wheat experience: reap and grind wheat and with the flour make bread using ancient techniques. Also available: cheesemaking workshops, wine tastings, petting corner, tours of the recreated facilities and more. For kids and adults. Tues-Sat, 09.00-19.00. Kidmat Tzvi, Golan Heights. 052-880-5026, www.facebook.com/BellOfri.il

Metula Poets’ Festival

The annual event unfolds this week with readings, workshops, tributes, conversations and live music events, all set in the picturesque town of Metula. A Shavuot parade and white night also take place, with talks and marathon screenings of poetry-related films. Tues-Thur, in locations around Metula. (04) 837-7777

Milk and Honey Festival

Jezreel Valley welcomes the holiday with live music, Shavuot agricultural rituals and parades, arts and crafts shows, tours, Israeli dance, music and song events, a tribute to Naomi Shemer and more. For the entire family. June 1-7. Sun-Thur, at locations throughout the Jezreel Valley. (04) 652-0734, www.eyz.org.il

Park of Springs

Shavuot Water Happening The park invites visitors to mark the holiday by celebrating all things water, featuring a water gun shooting competition at Ein Shokek. Wed, 11.00-15.00; Regular offerings: Explore the Park of Springs (Hamayanot) by foot, bicycles or green vehicles. Includes springs, a stream, fishponds, heritage sites, migrating birds and agricultural areas. Fri, Sun-Thur, 09.00-16.00, Sat 09.00-17.00. Near Kibbutz Nir David (04) 688-1427, www.nirtours.co.il

Jezreel Valley and Ramat Menashe Events www.emek-tour.org.il (04) 652-0013

Dairy Trail Tour of a dairy farm, activities and storytelling, flour grinding and bread making. Wed, Thur, 09.00-19.00. Bethlehem of Galilee. 052-327-5682; Organic Experience Organic dairy and cow tending, chicken feeding and egg gathering, vegetable harvesting and meal preparation. Sun-Thur, throughout the day. Kibbutz Harduf. Register in advance: 052-725-0000, www.harduf.net; Agricircus Pick organic vegetables, pot a plant to take home, walk through the wheat field, ride unicycles and play water games; then stay for a circus show, featuring fire and acrobatics. For the entire family. Wed, Thur 10.00-16.00. Moshav HaYogev. 054-550-0274,  www.agricircus.com; Shavuot at Kfar Kedem Recreate ancient times in Israel, with old-style clothing, supply making, donkey saddling, carrier pigeons, and other experiential activities, with a Shavuot-appropriate focus on goat and sheep-related petting corner and activities. Tues from 11.00. Kfar Kedem, Hosha’aya Nazareth (04) 656-5511, www.k-k.co.il; Almond and Marzipan Museum Tours of the facilities and a marzipan-sculpture exhibit, Shavuot marzipan-making workshops. Tues, 09.00-16.00, Wed 10.00-17.00, Thur 09.00-17.00. Kfar Tavor. Details: (04‏) 677-2111, www.shakedtavor.co.il; Pick Me! Berry, herb and veggie picking, agricultural activity display (at 12.00), petting corner and creative activities. Tues-Thur, 09.00-14.30. Bethlehem of the Galilee 054-5507-480, www.ktofoti.co.il; Zack You-Pick-It Gather blackberries, raspberries and mulberries, decorate baskets and engage in other creative activities. Sun, Mon, Thur 08.00-19.00, Tues 08.00-17.00. Zack Farm, Sde Yaakov. 050-553-0862;
Basket-Making Festival Basket weavers from across the country gather, displaying wares and techniques for creating various baskets. Creative and culinary workshops for kids and adults, tastings, agricultural displays and tours of the herb fields are also offered. Tues, Wed, 10.00-17.00. The Herb Farm, Bethlehem of Galilee (04) 953-3405, www.derech-hatavlinim.co.il

The South

From the Field to the Plate

The agricultural food festival returns for two weekends (May 29-31, June 5-7), with a wide array of experiences and activities, including fruit and vegetable picking, visits to sheep and goat farms, culinary workshops and tours, a farmers’ market, and much more. The northern Negev’s regional produce, along with wines, cheeses and other local delicacies take a place of honor, alongside activities and creative workshops for kids and adults. For the entire family. Fri, Sat, Thur, in locations throughout the northern Negev. www.habsor.co.il

Milk and Honey Celebration

Visit the cow sheds and apiary and learn about cows, milking, bees and honeymaking, take part in cheesemaking and beeswax crafts workshops and taste fresh, fresh honey. For the entire family. Wed, Thur, 10.00-15.00, tours leave every hour on the hour. Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. Details: (08) 672-0559, www.ym-tayarut.co.il

Dancing in White

The Yavne Shavuot festival offers Israeli folk dancing, sing-alongs (Mon at 20.00), a holiday Bikkurim procession (Sun at 18.00), a farmers’ market featuring the country’s best produce, wine, beer and more. Sun, Mon, throughout the day. The plaza of Heichal Hatarbut, Sderot Duani, corner of Jabotinsky Street, Yavne

Other Locations

The Milky Way Dairy producers throughout the country invite the public to experience how cows, goats and sheep are raised and milked, and how cheese and other dairy products are made, by taking part in hands-on activities, feedings, tours, tastings and more. Venues include: Mi-V-Moo Dairy Wed, 10.00-14.00 in Yavne’el, in the north. (04) 670-8141, www.me-v-moo.net; Milky Way - Kurlender Farm Wed, by appointment, at Moshav Beit Hillel, in the north. 052-458-5058, www.kurlender.co.il; Meshek Berger Wed, 10.00-16.00, Kfar Hess, in the Sharon. 050-462-1483, www.meshekberger.co.il; Teva Ez Tues, 10.00-15.00, Wed 10.00-15.00, Moshav Ben-Ami, in the north. 050-636-6766, www.facebook.com/tevaezturs • For a full list of events and venues: http://milkyway.co.il

Walking tours

Tel Aviv and Center

Experience Tel Aviv Tours Registration: (03) 725-3873 tourism@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

Step Right Up - Only Today The people and food of Shuk Hacarmel, includes tastings. Fri at 09.00; Sarona Reawakens Tour the Templar settlement-turned-commercial center and park. Fri at 13.30; Neve Tzedek and the Station Compound Tour of the first Jewish settlements to set up outside Jaffa. Sat at 10.00

Jerusalem and Area

Yad Ben Zvi Tour Marathon Registration: (02) 539-8855

The research and educational institute offers its annual, festive, three-day tour “marathon,” with over 85 guided walking tours exploring Jerusalem and its various historical, personal, ethnic, cultural, archeological and religious aspects (June 5-7). Details and registration: http://marathon.ybz.org.il

Tower of David Tours Registration: (02) 626-5333, www.towerofdavid.org.il

An Evil Wind Blows in Jerusalem - Clinics and Doctors in the New City Thematic tour, on the late 19th-Century / early 20th-Century doctors who first met the challenges of modern medicine in Jerusalem. Includes visits to the San Vicente Hospice, the Russian Hospital, Ticho House and Helena Kagan House. In conjunction with the museum’s exhibit “Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis.” Fri at 10.00

Beit Shmuel Tours Registration: (02) 620-3461 dress modestly

From David to Jesus, from Shavuot to Pentacost All-day hike, from the Mount of Olives through Kidron Valley, to Gethsemene, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and more. Fri at 08.00; Along the Separation Fence Bussed, geo-politically themed tour of the fence, from Gilo to Mount Scopus. Sat at 10.00; Tikkun Leil Shavuot A holiday-themed tour of the Old City. Tues at 00.30, 00.45

Abu Tor Stories and anecdotes in the border-line neighborhood. In English. Thur at 09.30. With Miriam Simon. Registration: 054-521-6933

Getting to Know the Shuk The ins and outs of Mahane Yehuda market. In English. Sun, Mon at 10.00s. With Sybil Kaplan (02) 671-5135The City of David In English. Sat at 10.00. Meet at Safra Square, 26 Jaffa Rd., with the Jerusalem Development Authority. Details: 106

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