How to Rent a Bike in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's leafy boulevards, never-ending seafront, and many markets are best explored by bicycle.

Tomer Appelbaum

With its leafy boulevards, long stretches of sandy beaches and relatively flat terrain, Tel Aviv is best explored by bicycle. The city has joined London, Paris and Barcelona in implementing a 24-hour bike rental service, which recently became available for non-residents and tourists.

Over a thousand of the bright-green bikes are located at 150 convenient spots around the city, and registration can be completed by credit card at the service terminals, located at every rental station and with the option of English-language menus. Subscription rates vary from NIS 14 for a daily subscription to NIS 280 for an annual one. Though the first half-hour’s use is free, the subscription rates don’t include additional usage fees for continuous rental charged beyond this time limit. Luckily, they’re pretty reasonable in the short term, with up to an hour’s use for NIS 5. Rates for longer periods rise sharply to NIS 150 for the first four and a half hours and NIS 100 per hour thereafter. 

In light of this, it’s best to use the service to quickly zip around the city, making sure to return the bike to a rental station if you stop for a coffee or shopping break (bikes can be returned to any rental station, not just the one from which it was picked up). As long as you wait at least ten minutes before checking it out again you can take it for another half an hour and avoid any usage fees.

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