Hanukkah Mass Rave in Tel Aviv This Friday

The event features dozens of DJs offering a vast range of musical styles, and even a gay stage.

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There are a lot of good reasons to visit Tel Aviv at this time of year beyond the extraordinarily balmy weather – 33 degrees in the shade! Don't forget your bathing suit. One of the best right now is that this Friday, starting at noon, the city will be holding a giant street party for Hanukkah, marking the Jews' victory over the Hasmoneans in 167 BCE with a mass rave.

The event will include dozens of DJs offering a vast range of musical styles, appearing on five stages strategically placed along Ben Gurion Boulevard, near Ben Yehuda Street, which is very near the sea, and in the Kikar Atarim square on the seafront.

The "mainstream" stage, everything being relative, will feature the DJs Itay Galo, Nir Gildman, Nadav Spielman and Dalit Rochester.

The "Israeli" stage will be broadcasting only to earphones, which will be available for free - but you have to leave an identity card for deposit. No return earphones? No get card back. That stage will feature Eyal Katz, Dor Falk and Lior Brosh.

Then there's the hip-hop stage starring Spikes, Blackout, Braindead and Smiley. And forget not the electronic stage, starring Red Axes, Stephan Bazbaz, Amir Egozi and Uriah Klapter.

The last but definitely not least is the gay stage, for the LGBT community and everybody else. This is along the lines of a weekly Tel Aviv gay party event called, of all things, "Dreck".

In between dancing the day away you may want to check out other attractions. Kikar Atarim, famously one of the great architectural white elephants of Tel Aviv, will also feature graffiti painting on a designated wall. Maybe that can bring new life to the square. And during the course of the rave, the third candle for Hanukkah will be lit and warm sufganiyot will be sold, in case the raving brings you that craving for sugar.

A street party in Tel Aviv.Credit: Omer Hecht