The Sweet Taste of Tel Aviv

Indulge your sweet tooth with some the finest candies and confectionery the city of decadence has to offer.

Idelson 10

252 Ben-Yehuda Street (also, 117 Dizengoff Street and 2 Malchei Yisrael Street) )

Famous for its sumptuous baked goods, Idelson 10 (which takes its name from its original address) has grown into a chain of high quality eateries. Perhaps because of the great location or intimate space, the Ben-Yehuda café is the nicest of the chain’s locations. Nevertheless, coffee with a chocolate or pistachio croissant from any of the three branches (perhaps with a macaroon on the side) is the perfect way to start the day.

Idelson 10

Candies of Levinski Market 
Levinski Food Market

Don’t be confuse this establishment with another in Yehud of the same name. On the outskirts of the Levinski food market, this store offers a range of sweets and candies with an eastern flavor, such as delicious and freshly made baklava and kanafe. They also offer old-fashioned delicacies that are hard to find, including jellies and licorice.

I Love It
30, Sheinkin Street

A store designed to resemble a candy pharmacy (not unlike a store in Amsterdam). The shop offers remedies for headaches, and other ailments, which are not based on any pharmaceutical cure. The products, ranging from lollipops to marmalades, are handed over upon the production of a “prescription,” and even come with instructions for use. There are also special “medicine” cocktails and “pharmacists” on hand to tackle the more serious ailments.

Coffee and a Candy
107, Allenby Street

Emitting a wonderful smell that gently brushes the noses of passers-by, this store combines the underground grunginess of Allenby Street with the chic style of Rothschild Boulevard. At first glance, the store may look like a streetside kiosk, but in reality it’s a wonderland of every kind of chocolate imaginable.

Ika’s Chocolate Shop
11, Yad Harutsim Street

A new store by confectioner Ika Cohen, one of the founders of Israeli coffee shop chain Reviva and Celia. The chocolate shop offers pralines that you won’t find anywhere else, in a range of delicious flavors, as well as fantastic fruit marmalades. Surprisingly for such a tony establishment, the prices are very reasonable.


Red Velvet
9 Ibn Gvirol Street

A New York style bakery famous for its multitude of cupcakes, but which also offers brownies, pancakes and other cake-based delicacies. Their flagship cupcake is, natch, red velvet – red colored apple pastry filled with whipped cream cheese and topped with red sparkles. A shop worthy of breaking a diet for.

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