Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Summer Food Festivals Hit Israel

Herzliya Marina Beer Festival, the kosher ‘Taste of the City’ and ‘Chef, Eat!’ are just some of the events where you can get a delicious, and cheap, meal this summer. Get ready for a culinary adventure.

Tel Aviv’s Taste of the City festival may be over, but the food festival season is only just beginning. Beer, discount menus and a market street party are just some of the many food-related events you can look forward to over the hot and humid Israeli summer. From the Farmers Market to the Chefs’ Food Festival, get ready for some culinary fun.

The Farmers Market comes to Bat Yam and Ashdod, July - August

Festival organizers

Farmers markets have become quite a big hit among Israel’s food aficionados. It started in Tel Aviv, then reached Netanya, and Herzliya, before getting to more and more places around the country. In honor of the arrival of summer, Ashdod and Bat Yam will be spoiled for choice with their own market selling fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, breads, preserves, and more. In Bat Yam, the market will take place every Tuesday from 17:00 on Bat Yam promenade. For the Ashdod farmers market, visit the district B market, next to the public library, every Friday morning.

Street party at Mahaneh Yehuda Market, July

Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda Market is inviting crowds to celebrate the long summer months with unique happening that will take place every Monday during the month of July. Visitors can do their weekly shop while enjoying street theater, performances, art works, dances, creative workshops and more. Not only that, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is organizing tours highlighting the conservation and development of the market. Ring ahead to book a place on the tour: 02-625-235.

‘Chef, Eat!,’ the Chef’s Food Festival, July 17 – 27

It has already become a tradition. Every few months, the Chef’s Food Festival makes a welcome appearance in our lives, with special discount menus available at restaurants all over the country. This year’s festival offers a selection of delicious two-course meals. Starters and main courses cost 69 shekels per person, and dessert is available for an additional 15 shekels. Some of the exciting food on offer includes slow-cooked porcini mushrooms and shrimp risotto from Shpezale, a restaurant in the Sharon, western Israel and beef carpaccio in olive oil and lemon juice with a garlick confit from the Nes Ziona restaurant Tokopaya.

Beers on the Marina, July 27 – 28

Without a doubt, one of the few things that turn the July and August heat from nightmarish to just about bearable is the thoroughly enjoyable experience of drinking a cold beer by the sea. At the Beer on the Marina Festival, which takes place at the end of July, gives you the opportunity to do just that, with a wider selection of beers on offer than you would find on a usual night out. The festival’s ‘Samuel Adams long shot’ competition features home beer-brewers competing to win the prize for best-tasting brew. Festival-goers will be able to sip beer to the sound of HaCartel, Amir Dadon and others live in concert.

Jerusalem Alcohol Party, August 8 – 15

To cool down the month of August, the Israel Museum invites you to visit the capital and take part in a celebration of Israeli wines. Various Israeli wineries will offer visitors a taste of their vintage. You can buy snacks to accompany your glass of red, and bottles to take home at the festival, while you listen to the live music in the grounds of the Israel Museum.

The Kosher Taste of the City, August 8 – 16

This is the fourth year that kosher festival-goers, who are usually left disappointed by Israel’s food festivals, can find what they are looking for at the festival for Kosher foodies at the Hof Argmon promenade in Netanya. Visitors to the festival, originally an initiative of former minister Shaul Yahalom, can try food from various kosher restaurants, at 30 shekels per dish. At the same time, you can purchase new kitchen utensils and equipment, listen to live music and take part in a host of activities child-friendly activities.

Around the world in Rishon Le Tzion

The world food fair in Rishon Le Tzion is taking place just in time, before we return to the real world at the end of the summer. The fair covers 140 dunam in the Rishon le Zion’s Shikma Park, and features ten world food areas, giant models of famous sites from around the world, live world music, actors and dancers in traditional costumes and more. And all of this with free entry.