Tourist Tip #354 / Eating Like the Israeli 1%

Those of you who’ve always wanted to hang out at the most exclusive eateries can do so at reduced price through Oct. 17.

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Israel offers a vast range of chef restaurants in a wide range of price brackets. But many are very pricey, catering the select few who can afford to pamper their tummies without mortgaging the house.

Those of you who’ve always wanted to hang out at the most exclusive eateries can do so at reduced price – everything being relative - from October 6 until October 17. The foodie website Sheftohal has put together an appetizing list of gourmet restaurants offering, for that limited time, especially menus ranging in price from NIS 139 to NIS 199 per diner (not cheap but certainly less expensive than usual).

Reservations are a must. And while phoning ahead, you might want to ask whether drinks are included in the meal. And about parking, if relevant. Valet parking costs extra.

The full list – in Hebrew - is available at The names and phone numbers are provided below.

Among the more familiar restaurants participating in this event is Hamizlala, run by chef Meir Adoni, the man behind Katit Restaurant, one of Israel’s most expensive eateries, now located next door to Hamizlala. Hamizlala is offering a tasting menu for NIS 179 per person. Another famed participant is the Blue Rooster, a favorite meeting place for one-percenters.

Participating restaurants

Akiko, 17 Abba Ahimeir, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 03-6417641

Algonquin, Meshek 21 at Moshav Bnaya (near Ashdod), 03-5201830

Baba Yaga, 12 Hayarkon, Tel Aviv ,03-5167305

Balzac, 11 HaEshel, Ashdod, 08-8536336

Blackstone, 5 Oholiav, Ramat Gan, 03-9300033

Blue Rooster, 10 Nissim Aloni Street, Tower G, Tel Aviv, 03-544-3349

Bluesky, 10 Eliezer Perry, Tel Aviv, 03-5201830

Darna, 3 Horkanus, Jerusalem, 02-6245406

Dixie Rishon Letzion, 20 HaCarmel, Rishon Letzion, 03-6426993

Dixie Tel Aviv, 3 Totzeret Haaretz, Tel Aviv, 03-6966123

Elba, 36 Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv, 057-9442789

Endive, Hatayelet 21, West Hotel, Ashdod, 073-2866806

Frame, 2 Raoul Wallenberg, Tel Aviv, 072-270-2450

Helena at the Port, Caesarea Port, 04-6101018

Jaffa-Tel Aviv , 98 Igal Allon, Tel Aviv, 03-6249249

Kalimera, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, 03-6823232

Kyoto, 7 Shenkar, Herzliya, 09-9587770

Maraboo, 14 Aba Hillel, Ramat Gan 03-603-6666

Meat, 129.A Sderot HaNasi, Haifa, 057-9443942

Meatos, 2 Weizmann, Tel Aviv, 03-6932002

Mizlala, 57 Nachalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv 057-9344982

Nana, 1 Achad Ha'Am, Tel Aviv, 03-5161915

Pasha, 8 HaArbaa, Tel Aviv, 03-5617778

Rokach 73, 73 Rokach, Tel Aviv, 03-7448844

Rokach Shuk, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, 03-7162757

Rokach Yam, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv, 03-6294141/2

Racha, 6 Havazzelet, Jerusalem, 02-5376600

Sergos, 8 Hamalacha,Tel Aviv, 03-5615121

Shine & Sharp, 65 Igal Allon, Tel Aviv, 03-5364755

Tiger Lilly, 3 Achad Ha'am, Tel Aviv, 03-5757477

Titura, 15 Shdera Merkazit, Modiin, 08-9761499

Uri Buri, 2 Hahagana, Acre (Akko), 04-9552212

Yakimono, 19 Rothschild, Tel Aviv, 03-5175171

Balzac, AshdodCredit: Haaretz
An offering at Katit.Credit: Haaretz

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