Tourist Tip #345 / Tel Aviv's Renovated Beachfront Promenade

You don't even need a bathing suit to enjoy this perennial tourist attraction.

The beach is usually close to the top of the list of tourist attractions in Tel Aviv no matter what, but now tourists will find that a renovated promenade makes the beach experience that much better.

The beachfront promenade used to be old, uncomfortable and not particularly appealing. The city spent an astronomic sum remodeling the section between Frishman Street and Atarim Square (some parts are still under renovation), in a style similar to the boardwalk in its rebuilt port area, and the difference can be readily spotted.

The promenade has been repaved and widened. Observation points have been added, along with stone seats that allow visitors to look out on the waves and take pictures of the sea view. Cafes along the beach have also undergone renovation, and convenient stairs have been added, along with seats made of wood. There is more nighttime lighting and shady spots for the daytime sun. The city planted palm trees along the beach, and refurbished the bathrooms and changing areas.

The renovated area includes cafes and restaurants with a good view of the sea, such as London (which doesn’t even remotely resemble the city for which it is named), the fish and seafood restaurant Gordo and La La Land, most of whose tables are set up on the beach and have designer lighting that offers a nice ambience in the evening, and features cool mist sprayed over every table (don’t get your phones or laptops too close).

And if you want to work off some calories, there’s an area with free exercise equipment right next to La La Land where shirtless men regularly work out. If that’s not enough, on the beach behind the exercise equipment there’s a net set up for beach volleyball, and the area fills up in the evenings with young people playing. The massive renovation has turned the promenade into one of the nicest parts of Tel Aviv, and you don’t even need a bathing suit to enjoy it.

Avshalom Halutz
Avshalom Halutz