Tourist Tip #239 / Tuesdays in May Mean Free Jazz in Jaffa

The cacophony of the flea market is replaced by the jive of jazz, once a week after sunset. And it's free.

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Feel in the mood for a little light night music? Mozart may not be on the menu but every Tuesday night throughout the end of May, the flea market in Jaffa hosts live music shows, and what's more – entry is free.

During the day the Jaffa flea market is a humming place, featuring a range of vendors from peddlers on the sidewalk to orderly stores. They offer a vast range of junk to jewels - everything from mismatched silverware and dishes to used shoes to bootleg disks to scratched records (remember those things?) to not-at-all-cheap renovated (or new) furniture to artworks. And no, parking isn't easy to find – you might get lucky on a side street.

But these vendors all pack up in late afternoon. By sunset the stores and stalls are closed, the sidewalk peddlers have gone home and the night life of the flea market kicks into high gear. And on Tuesdays the offerings include not only a range of restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, bakeries and more, but live music, from 7:30 P.M. until 11:30 P.M.

A word to the wise: if you are driving there by car, as opposed to taking public transportation, try to get to Jaffa in the sweet spot between six and seven. And why is that? To, maybe, possibly, find parking. Didn't find any? Ask for directions to a parking lot ("chenYON" in Hebrew). Best of luck with that.

Jaffa's flea market at dusk. Credit: Nir Kafri
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Jaffa's flea market at dusk. Credit: Nir Kafri
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New Nuremburg Trials documents were found in 2013 by a collector in the flea market in Jaffa, the Chabad Center in Berlin says.Credit: Alon Ron
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Jaffa's flea market at dusk. Credit: Daniel Tchetchik