Tourist Tip #129 / Meorav Yerushalmi, the Delicious Jerusalem Dish

Whether packed into a pita or served up steaming on a plate, this blend of meats, organs and spices is a gourmand's dream and a great Jerusalem tradition.

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You're in Jerusalem, the city holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and you see a restaurant selling "Meorav Yerushalmi" – Jerusalem Mix."What's this?" you ask. "A mix of the city's great religions?"

Not quite, but if the three great monotheistic faiths could find the same symbiosis and harmony that exists within the Meorav Yerushalami, a beloved local dish of offal and animal parts, peace in the Middle East would seem more feasible.

Legend has it that the Meorav Yerushalmi was first whipped up in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda market, when a street vendor took chicken livers, hearts and spleen and cooked it up with lamb fat, onions and spices before stuffing the juicy combo into a pita. The lip-smacking, cholesterol-stoking blend is so beloved that several local steakhouses also claim to have dreamt it up first.

Regardless of the specifics of its conception, you can now find this Jerusalem-born delicacy at steakhouses, shepudiot (kebab joints), falafel stands and even street kiosks across the country. Order it in a pita, wrapped in a fluffy laffa or carb-free on a plate with a few side dishes. However you wolf it down, do so with the knowledge that you are biting into a great Jerusalem tradition of taste, texture, and the beautiful flavors that come when unique elements combine.

If only the world's religions could get along as well as the various offal and animal parts of the Meorav Yerushalmi, a beloved local dish.Credit: Eyal Warshavsky

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