Trajtenberg Committee Recommends Cutting Israel’s Defense Budget by NIS 3 Billion

Committee to recommend redirecting budget toward socioeconomic reform such as raising taxes for upper and middle classes, free education to all children ages four and above.

The government-appointed Trajtenberg Committee on socioeconomic reform has recommended cutting Israel’s defense budget by up to three billion shekels in order to fund its other recommendations regarding socioeconomic reforms.

According to reports, the committee plans on raising the taxes of the upper class and middle class in order to fund the various social endeavors it recommends. Among the recommendations is compulsory education for all four-year-old children and above, widening negative income tax in order to prevent poverty in two-salary homes.

Trajtenberg committee - 31.8.11
Tomer Appelbaum

Moreover, the committee recommends that the government advocate for rent-controlled apartments for middle-class families making up to NIS 15,000 a month.

Representatives in the committee refused to confirm the report, and said that some of the reported recommendations are in the official report and are currently being formulated. One of the committee’s advisers said, “this is not even close to the real thing.”

The committee is due to publish its official conclusions on September 29.