Top Israeli Official: U.S. Refusal to Set 'Red Lines' Helps Iran Reach Nuclear Goals

Remark comes after Hillary Clinton says United States is 'not setting deadlines' on Iran's nuclear progress, despite Netanyahu's claims that Israel and the U.S. were discussing applying further pressure on Tehran.

Israel's leadership said on Monday that the United States' stance on Iran aids the latter in achieving its nuclear goals. The Israeli official was responding to comments made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said Washington was not actively seeking to confront the Iranian regime with "deadlines" over its nuclear program.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel and the U.S. were discussing applying further pressure on Iran, and called for drawing red lines that if crossed will prompt a military strike against the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities. Netanyahu stressed that these lines are the only way a war can be avoided.

Clinton, however, rejected the premier's stance, saying that negotiations are “by far the best approach” to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

“We’re not setting deadlines," Clinton said in an interview with Bloomberg Radio

“We’re watching very carefully about what they do, because it’s always been more about their actions than their words,” she said on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific forum in Vladivostok, Russia.

On Monday, a senior Israeli official expressed Israel's dissatisfaction from Clinton's remarks, saying that "such comments won't stop the Iranian centrifuges, but the other way around."

The top official added that, in the absence of a clear "red line," Iran won't stop its progress toward nuclear arms. "Not only do these comments fail to deter Iran, they only serve to calm [the Iranian regime]."