Top IDF Rabbi Speaks Out Against Exclusion of Women in Israel

Chief IDF Rabbi Rafi Peretz says military rabbis must work to prevent any discrimination against women in IDF.

Israel’s Chief Military Rabbi called on Sunday on all Israel Defense Forces rabbis to fight against the exclusion of women in Israel.

“We must prevent incidents of exclusion of women in the IDF,” said Rabbi Rafi Peretz. “It is part of the wider responsibility of being united.”

Benny Gantz and Chief Military Rabbi - IDF Spokesperson
IDF Spokesperson

In an emergency meeting called by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, dozens of rabbis of military battalions gathered to receive clarifications regarding recent events of discrimination against women in the IDF.

“There will be no exclusion of women in the IDF,” Peretz stressed to the rabbis. “We especially, who know the importance of respecting a woman, must make sure this controversy won’t penetrate our ranks.”

The singing of women in the IDF was also discussed in the meeting, and IDF officials reiterated the new instructions handed by the IDF chief that all soldiers, including religious cadets, must attend official ceremonies, including those which feature women singing.

However, religious cadets can choose whether to attend informal IDF events in which women sing.

The new instructions were handed out after several religious cadets have walked out of IDF ceremonies where female soldiers were singing.

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