TIMELINE / Tzipi Livni a Political Life

Tzipi Livni expected to resign from the Knesset following a recent loss to Shaul Mofaz in the Kadima primary, ending years of public service.

1958 - Born in Tel Aviv to parents who were former members of the Irgun, a pre-state, right-wing paramilitary organization.

1980-1984 - Serves in the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency.

Tzipi Livni at her primary headquarters a day before the primaries.
Alon Ron

1985 - Graduates from Bar-Ilan University with a law degree.

1985-1996 - Practices public and commercial law.

1996 - Enters politics as a member of the Likud Party.

1996-1999 - Serves as general manager of Government Companies Authority.

1999 - Becomes a Knesset member for the first time on the Likud Party ticket.

2001 - Appointed Minister of Regional Cooperation when Ariel Sharon became prime minister.

2005 - Becomes Minister of Justice.

2005 - Joins Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert in their move from Likud to the newly formed centrist Kadima Party, which she helped create.

2006 - Appointed Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister, becoming the only woman besides Golda Meir to hold that position.

2008 - Becomes head of Kadima after a leadership race triggered by Ehud Olmert's resignation over corruption charges.

2009 - Leads Kadima in the national election to become largest party in the Knesset, though the political constellation led to Benjamin Netanyahu becoming prime minister and Livni assuming the role of opposition leader, earning both praise and criticism for refusing to join Netanyahu’s government.

March 2012 - Replaced by Shaul Mofaz as head of Kadima in a decisive primary race.