Timeline / Three Days of Rocket Strikes on Southern Israel

A day after a series of coordinated attacks, militants in the Gaza Strip began firing barrages of rockets and mortar shells at Israel's southern communities.

Friday 8/19/11

7:55 am – Grad rocket explodes in Ashdod, injuring 10
4:04 pm – Two rockets explode in Be’er Tuvia Regional Council
5:40 pm – Qassam rocket strikes Eshkol Regional Council
6:30 pm – Iron Dome system intercepts rocket over Ashkelon
6:50 pm – Qassam rocket explodes in Sha’ar Henegev Regional Council
7:45 pm – A barrage of anti-tank missiles strike Eshkol Regional Council
10:05 pm – Two rockets strike Eshkol Regional Council

police, rocket, ashdod
Ilan Asayag

Saturday 8/20/11

7:48 am – Three critically injured from a rocket attack on an Ashdod religious school
9:09 am – Rocket explodes outside Be’er Sheva
9:57 am – Two rockets strike open areas in Be’er Tuvia Regional Council
11:24 am – Rocket strikes a building in a kibbutz in Sha’ar Henegev Regional Council
11:37 am – Anti-tank missile explodes in Sha’ar Henegev Regional Council, one injury reported
12:29 pm – Seven anti-tank missiles explode in Sha’ar Henegev Regional Council
12:56 pm – Highway 35 closes near Kiryat Gat after a rocket lands in the area
1:15 pm –Grad rocket is intercepted by Iron Dome system
2:26 pm – Four more anti-tank missiles explode in Sha’ar Henegev Regional Council
8:14 pm – Four rockets explode in Ofakim, one of them hits a house
9:18 pm –Grad rocket strikes a street, killing one, injuring 13

Sunday 8/21/11

5:30 am – A round of mortars strike communities in the Eshkol Regional Council
6:53 am – Three rockets strike Ashkelon area, causing damage to one building
8:00 am – Iron Dome system intercepts three Grad rockets over Ashkelon
8:20 am – Three rockets strike Be’er Sheva
9:05 am – Another rocket barrage strikes Be’er Sheva
10:23 am – A third barrage of rockets hits Be’er Sheva, one Grad rocket hits a school gym
11:00 am – Four rockets strike Ashkelon, no injuries were reported
11:50 am – IAF strikes Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip after 24 hours of restraint
12:11 am – Two rockets land in open areas near Ashkelon