Thursday's Top Stories on the Prisoner X Affair

From Ben Zygier's close friends' recounting their conversations with him as he was recruited into the Mossad, to an inside look at his jail cell, read Haaretz's wrap-up of the Prisoner X affair.

Suspicions are growing that suspected Mossad agent Ben Zygier was also acting on behalf of Australian intelligence. The Brisbane Times on Thursday quoted Australian security officials as saying that Zygier may have been about to supply information to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) or the media on Mossad activities in Australia, including the spy agency's use of Australian passports.

Australian Ben Zygier – better known as “Prisoner X” who apparently committed suicide in December 2010 in Yigal Amir’s purpose-built, suicide-proof cell – confided to at least two friends that he had been recruited by Mossad, Haaretz can reveal.

Here you can get an inside look at the prison cell in which Prisoner X was held in 2010 (according to an Australian television investigative report) was an isolation cell in Wing 15 of Ramle's Ayalon Prison.

The elected leadership of Australian Jewry fear that the Jews may become the focus of media attention as the fallout continues from the explosive revelations about the incredible life and mysterious death of Israel’s “Prisoner X" in Ayalon Prison.

Australian immigrant Ben Zygier, reported to have been recruited by Israel's Mossad spy agency, was charged with grave crimes and was negotiating for a plea bargain before he committed suicide in an Israeli jail, one of his lawyers said on Thursday.

Israeli defense officials' attempts to silence, envelop in fog and hide behind the walls of censorship all came to naught Wednesday evening when the government acknowledged, in part, the veracity of a foreign report that an Israeli-Australian with dual citizenship had been imprisoned in Israel under a false name and committed suicide in prison.

Amir Oren writes that this whole story is not about Ben Zygier's double identity, it's about how Israel's most sensitive government agencies are not functioning. If indeed the reports are correct, the State of Israel still doesn't control the basics.