Three Seriously Injured in Gas Explosion at School in Druze Village

Inspects from Industry,Trade and Labor Ministry arrive at scene to investigate possible negligence; no children injured.

Three people were gravely injured as a result of a powerful explosion at a school in the northern Israeli village of Beit Jann.

Another person sustained light injuries in the blast in the Druze village in the Galilee. Magen David Adom and Israel Police forces arrived at the scene, and said those injured were being transported via helicopter to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

Bein Jann - Kaminsky
Yaron Kaminsky

Initial reports indicate that two of those injured are technicians from the gas company which came to the school to repair an apparent problem. The other two are maintenance workers at the school.

Inspectors from the Industry,Trade and Labor Ministry also arrived at the scene to investigate possible negligence.

Police emphasized that no students were injured and that after the explosion all children were evacuated from the school.