Three People Wounded Near UN Compound in Gaza by Palestinian Mortar Fire

The wounded were not UN workers, as had been previously reported; IDF says the three were injured by an errant mortar bomb launched by Gaza militants.

Three people were wounded, one moderately and two lightly, near a UN compound in Gaza on Friday by errant Palestinian mortar fire.

The three wounded people were not UN workers, as it had been previously reported.

Gaza strike - AP - 7.4.2011

According to an IDF spokesperson, the three were wounded by a mortar bomb fired by Gaza militants from the area of the Sajaia refugee camp.

Hamas claimed, however, that the three were wounded by an IDF tank shell.

The IDF said that it carried out no attack in Gaza.

The incident came after a relative lull in a recent wave violence along Gaza's border with Israel, one which raised fears of a full-scale confrontation between Israeli forces and Hamas, which rules the coastal enclave.

Late last week, Israel responded to Palestinian rocket fire with two air strikes in the Gaza Strip. The attack came after two rockets were fired from the Hamas-controlled Strip in the direction of the southern Israeli cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Neither caused any injuries or damage, an Israeli police spokesman said.

Israel responded hours later with two air strikes against Hamas targets in the coastal territory, Hamas and the Israeli military said. No one was injured in the strikes.

Violence flared two weeks ago after Hamas militants fired an anti-tank rocket across the border at an Israeli school bus, critically wounding an Israeli teenager, who later succumbed to his wounds. Israel retaliated with air and ground strikes, killing 19 Palestinians.