Three Palestinian Toddlers Suffocate in Car During Heat Wave in Town Outside Jerusalem

The three, 2 to 3-years-old, seemed to have been playing and locked themselves inside the scorching vehicle

The Palestinian town of Azzariyeh just east of Jerusalem in 2011.
Emil Salman

Three toddlers were found dead inside a car in the Palestinian town of Azzariyeh just to the east of Jerusalem on Thursday. The three children, a three-year-old boy, two and a half-year old girl and two-year-old girl, were found suffocated in a locked car next to a garage in the town during a heat wave.

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The owner of the garage found them and called for help. They were evacuated to the medical center in the neighboring town of Abu Dis, where they were declared dead on arrival.

The three were identified by the Palestinian Authority police as Yusuf Zidan Abiat and the sisters Ranim and Rahaf Mahmoud Abu Galia.

The police say the children were playing near the garage and entered the car, which was going to be junked and then became stuck inside. The owner of the garage was detained for questioning.