Three Killed, Four Injured in Car Accident Near Kibbutz Magal

Two cars crashed head-on while close to a junction in the highway, after one of the cars strayed out of their lane for reasons not yet known.

Three people were killed and four injured in a car accident on Tuesday on Israel's Highway 574 near Kibbutz Magal in the north.

A commercial vehicle and a private car crashed head-on while driving close to a junction in the highway. One of the cars had apparently strayed out of their lane for reasons not yet known.

Emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene and declared the death of three people at the site of the crash. Three other people involved in the crash are in moderate condition, and one is lightly injured.

Of the three killed, two were 40-year-old women and one was a 45-year-old man. Two children aged eight and ten were among those in moderate condition. All of those killed in the crash were riding in the same car.

This past weekend, three people were killed in car accidents across Israel. Two people were killed in a head on collision in the north and a motorcyclist was killed near Ashdod.