Three Confidants, Three State Witnesses: Who Are They and What Do They Know About the Netanyahus

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Nir Hefetz, Shlomo Filber, and Ari Harow.
Nir Hefetz, Shlomo Filber, and Ari Harow.Credit: Marc Israel Sellem, Moti Milrod

Nir Hefetz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "spin doctor" and confidant, signed a deal with police to turn state's evidence in the bribery case involving the Bezeq telecom giant and the Walla news site.

Hefetz became the third Netanyahu confidant to turn against the prime minister in the ongoing corruption cases.

Hefetz, who as a journalist was known for his aggressive demeanor, began his career with Netanyahu in 2009, when he was appointed chief spokesman for the prime minister, and again in 2014, this time as a media advisor for his family.

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Two former Netanyahu confidants have already turned against him. One is his former Chief of Staff Ari Harow who testified in cases 2000 and 1000 - which, respectively, relate to discussions of a quid-pro-quo deal with newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes and lavish gifts received from businessmen Arnon Milchan and James Packer.

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The other is Sholmo Filber, former director general of the Communications Ministry under Netanyahu, who is suspected of granting financial benefits to Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, Israel's largest telecom company, on behalf of the prime minister.

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