Thousands Head to Beaches to Escape the Heat

The high temperatures and heavy humidity are expected to continue until Tuesday at least. The Electric Company is calling upon the public to reduce their consumption during peak hours.

A series of irritating heat waves baking the country for nearly two months already continued over the weekend, and there are no signs that the current heat wave will abate until at least Tuesday.

Today the temperatures rose over the 30-degree mark in the Tel Aviv area and reached 33 degrees in Haifa, which brought many vacationers out to the beaches. Travelers also sought refuge from the heavy humidity that reached a high of 60%. The Dead Sea and Lake Kinneret were even hotter: temperatures in Tiberias climbed to over 40 degrees, while in the south of the Dead Sea temperatures reached 43 degrees.

These changes have meant not only a measured increase in temperature of 2-4 degree,s compared to regular seasonal temperatures, but a rise in the humidity levels, as well, which have contributed to particularly intense heat.

The Electric Company has called upon the public to divert their use of appliances that draw a great deal of energy (within the exception of air conditioning units) to the early morning and the late evening, starting tomorrow, and to especially refrain from using these appliances between the hours of 12 noon and 5 p.m.

Tomorrow the ocean is expected to be rough with waves of 80 to 120 centimeters in height. There will be winds from the West and the North of between 16 -30 kilometers per hour.