They Can’t Handle the Truth!

Is it time to stick a fork in AIPAC? And what's this about Israel's plan to hire neighborhood “Judaism Coordinators?” These questions and more in this episode of the Promised Podcast.

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Israeli and American flags.Credit: Dreamstime

Allison, Eilon and Noah (Or, Travolta-fied, Alexis Keezy, Erin Stonz and Niall Edbrards) discuss:

- The outsourcing of our political activism to entrepreneurs and so-called ''captains of industry'' who claim that they know best what’s best for the country.
- Whether it is time to stick a fork in AIPAC - and if it is, what then?
- Israel's ministry for religious affairs setting up of a “Jewish Identity Administration,” which is hiring neighborhood “Judaism Coordinators” to beef up our flagging identities.

All songs by Labrador Laboratories (In honor of the release this week of their new album, Lonely Tribes).
All Night in the Rain
I’m a Thief
Dirty Boots
Lonely Tribes