The Way the War Ends / The Promised Podcast

Ilene, Don and Noah discuss how the Gaza war can be brought to an end; whether too much Jewish-Israeli solidarity can be a bad thing; and whether Israel is held to an impossible double standard by the rest of the world.

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Ilene, Don and Noah discuss:

The way the war ends
How can and should this war be brought to a close? Might Israeli demands for 'demilitarization' as a condition for ending the operation become an excuse for prolonging it?

Can there be too much solidarity?
Does the moving solidarity we've seen among Israeli Jews since the war began harden our hearts even as it softens them? Does it further exclude and alienate Palestinian Israelis?

Beyond the double standard
Is Israel held to an impossible (double) standard in world opinion? Why is this the case and should Israelis just accept it and move on, or fight it tooth and nail?

All songs by Shai Nobleman, for the pick-me-up we all need:
Yesh Ahava
Powerpop Symphony
Really Have To Go
Julian Ve-Ani

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