The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, September 27

From Iran building a research reactor that could produce plutonium used for nuclear arms, to Lebanon's Hezbollah sending troops to Syria. brings you the top headlines you might have missed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plane landed in New York on Thursday, ahead of his planned address before the United Nations General Assembly. In his speech, the premier is expected to define Israel's 'red lines' in regards to Iran's nuclear program, without initiating a public confrontation with U.S. President Barack Obama. Moments before taking off from Israel, Netanyahu said he feels the "support of the entire Israeli people."

Iran continues to build a heavy-water research reactor near the town of Arak that, according to analysts, could produce plutonium used for nuclear arms, adding to Western concerns about Tehran's atomic aims.

An internal Foreign Ministry document maintains that the additional sanctions imposed on Iran in recent months have caused far more damage to the Iranian economy than previous believed and have sparked additional domestic criticism of the regime.

The number of Syrians fleeing the country could reach 700,000, the UN refugee agency said Thursday. The new estimation surpasses its previous forecast of 185,000 reached in August.

Lebanon's Hezbollah has increased its support of Syria President Bashar Assad's battle with opposition forces, the Washington Post reported on Thursday, with Lebanese officials cited as saying that the militant group has even sent fighters to combat rebel troops.

Israel Police is drafting a 'cooling off' bill that would prevent newly retired police lawyers from representing suspects whom they had been involved in bringing to justice. 

An Azerbaijan court on Thursday convicted three over plot to murder teachers at a local Jewish school.

Apple's new iOS6 maps app reportebly does not list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. According to the Algemeiner, every other country on the map has its capital listed.