The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, October 15

From Swedish government filing an official protest with Israel's ambassador, to former president and convicted rapist Moshe Katsav asking for a presidential pardon. brings you the top 8 headlines you might have missed.

European Union foreign ministers on Monday imposed new sanctions on Syria and were considering fresh measures against Iran, hours after discussing the two countries with Russia's top diplomat.

After previously forcing down a Syrian airliner en route from Moscow to Damascus, Turkey ordered on Monday an Armenian plane flying to the Syrian city of Aleppo to land, as Ankara steps up efforts to prevent its air space being used to supply the Syrian military.

Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman was summoned to the Swedish Foreign Ministry in Stockholm to accept an official protest from the Swedish government about a report in Sunday's Haaretz. The report stated that Sweden opposes the imposing of new sanctions on Iran for fear of losing a lucrative deal for Swedish communications company Ericsson.

Former president and convicted rapist Moshe Katsav has asked the Justice Ministry to process a request for a presidential pardon. About 10 months into his seven-year term in prison, Katsav has to date not expressed remorse and continues to maintain his innocence.

With the Tal Law expired, the Israel Defense Forces will send out draft notices to some 15,000 ultra-Orthodox youths aged 17-19, requiring them to show up for interviews.

The risk of breast cancer among Israeli Jewish women is rising, and Jewish women of all ages have a one in 7.5 chance of developing it - a 13.1 percent risk - according to a report released yesterday by the Health Ministry's Center for Disease Control. The rate among Arab women is falling, dropping to one in 14 women.

Living conditions in a detention facility for African migrants and asylum seekers now under construction in the Negev Desert will be "unreasonable," the Social Affairs Ministry has warned. The ministry objected to the Defense Ministry's request to use tents instead of permanent buildings for half the living quarters at the camp, which is being built as part of a government plan to encourage asylum seekers to leave Israel.

A special broadcast of a new song released by musician Izhar Ashdot entitled "A Matter of Habit" was cancelled by Israel's Army Radio chief, saying its words are demeaning to IDF soldiers.