The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, May 6

From a committee calling for stricter civilian review of IDF probes to an 'insulting' use of Marley's 'Iron Lion Zion' by Israeli MK. sums up the top eight headlines from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

The Israel Defense Forces should no longer be the only body to investigate its own conduct when it is charged with ostensible war crimes or various human rights violations, especially against Palestinians. The Turkel Committee, formed to investigate Israel’s actions in intercepting the flotilla to Gaza in May 2010, is likely to recommend significantly augmenting civilian review of IDF probes.

Police investigate another attack in south Tel Aviv against African residents, in which two firebombs were hurled at a house. This is a second of such attack in the past two weeks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to officially call early elections tonight, in his keynote speech at the Likud conference.

The High Court of Justice is to hear Israel's request Sunday to reconsider the demolition of illegally-built structures in the Ulpana neighborhood, which is part of the West Bank settlement of Beit El.

Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. toyed with the question of whether the state's attitude to its LGBT community is an attempt to 'pinkwash' the oppression of Palestinians or genuinely set an example that illuminates the Middle East.

Bob Marley's heirs threatened to sue right-wing Israeli MK Aryeh Eldad over an "insulting" use of the singer's "Iron Lion Zion," saying the propaganda video clip threatens the Jamaican reggae star's legacy.

A woman who has refused to grant her husband a divorce for 16 years was put behind bars by the rabbinical court last week - the first time a woman has been arrested in such a case.

The National Library in Jerusalem prepared a program to make Franz Kafka's manuscripts available online, but the Tel Aviv Family Court has yet to rule on the fate of the Czech writer's manuscripts.

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