The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, March 28

From Israel reopening the border crossings with the Gaza Strip for the first time since Obama's visit, to Turkish officials trying to help push forward unity talks between Palestinian factions, brings you the top 8 headlines you might have missed.

Israel on Thursday fully reopened its border crossings with the Gaza Strip that were closed following militant rocket fire during U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to the region last week, the military said.

Israel has reportedly set up a field hospital along the border with Syria to treat Syrians wounded in their country's bitter and bloody civil war. Meanwhile, Turkey repotedly deported at least 600 Syrians staying at a refugee camp near the border after they clashed with Turkish military police in a protest over living conditions, a Turkish official said on Thursday in remarks disputed by the country's foreign ministry.

Over the past 33 years the Civil Administration has allocated less than one percent of state land in the West Bank to Palestinians, compared to 38 percent to settlers, according to the agency’s own documents submitted to the High Court of Justice.

Israeli security forces have in the last two months detained some 50 Palestinians suspected of involvement in a terrorist cell based in the West Bank village of Beit Fajjar, it emerged on Thursday, following the lifting of a gag order.

Turkish officials are trying to help push forward unity talks between the Palestinian factions, as efforts to resume Ankara's own ties with Jerusalem continue at full force.

Over the past 13 years there has been a 40 percent rise in the number of elementary-school students in Israel's state religious system whose classes are segregated by gender.

The 90-year-old paintings under layers of plaster and paint on the walls of a Tel Aviv building have amazed conservationists. But they are concerned about the murals' future: the building's owners are only required to preserve the paintings on the stairwell.

Egypt's naval forces captured three scuba divers who were trying to cut an undersea Internet cable in the Mediterranean on Wednesday, a military spokesman said. Telecommunications executives meanwhile blamed a weeklong Internet slowdown on damage caused to another cable by a ship.