The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, July 26

From Dubai's police chief warning of 'international plot,' to new legislation defending rights of grandparents; brings you the top headlines that you might have missed.

Dubai's chief of police has warned of an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries, saying the region needs to be prepared to counter any threat from Islamist dissidents as well as Syria and Iran.

Iran's UN envoy accused Israel on Wednesday of plotting and carrying out a suicide bomb attack on a bus in Bulgaria a week ago in which five Israeli tourists were killed. "It's amazing that just a few minutes after the terrorist attack, Israeli officials announced that Iran was behind it," Iran's UN Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee told a UN Security Council debate on the Middle East. "

Brigadier General Manaf Tlas, one of the most senior defectors from Bashar Assad's regime, said he would help unite Syria's fragmented opposition to agree on a roadmap for a transfer of power. Tlas, a former friend of Assad's who could play a role in any transition of power, said he "did not leave Syria to lead the transitional period".

Jerusalem District Commander Niso Shaham was questioned under caution on Wednesday over suspicions of sexual harassment, indecent assault, and illicit sexual relations. Shaham, who is suspected of sexually harassing female police officers under his command, has taken a forced leave of absence, following a recent investigation conducted in the Israel Police. The investigation has been put under a gag order for weeks, and details of the affair only started to emerge Thursday.

In the meantime, A high-ranking Iranian official said Thursday that his country is ready to share "experience and capabilities" with the Tehran-backed regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria.

Miriam Ben-Porat, the former Supreme Court justice who went on to serve as Israel's State Comptroller in the 1990s, died at the age of 94 on Thursday morning. Ben-Porat was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court, and also the first female state comptroller.

New legislation aims to prevent parents from denying their own parents the right to see the grandchildren. According to the NGO New Family, some 300 thousand family members are caught up in inter-generational rifts because of conflicts of various kinds.

Praying regularly can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and milder memory problems by 50 percent, according to a joint Israeli-American study which examined health-related aspects of Muslim women from northern Israel.