The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, July 25

From the fighting in Syria to the Romney and Obama on Israel, Haaretz brings you the top headlines from Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World.

Turkish authorities sealed its border with Syria to commercial traffic but remain open for Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict, a UNHCR spokeswoman said.

Syrian forces fired artillery and rocket barrages at a northern Damascus suburb in an attempt to seize the town from rebels, causing mass panic and forcing hundreds of families to flee the area, residents and opposition activists said.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the people of Israel deserve better diplomatic protection than that they have been receiving from the United States under President Barack Obama.

The World Bank issued a report that said the Palestinian economy's recent growth is unsustainable because of its heavy reliance on foreign aid.

Carlo Strenger explains why the Israeli right continues to stay in power.

IDF soldiers dispersed a confrontation between Palestinians and settlers using live fire near Ramallah. Watch the video on

Six new Israeli films are to be screened at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, including a project of shorts by Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers.

A father of twins will be charged with manslaughter in the death of his four-month-old son, the Tel Aviv district attorney's office has decided.