The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, July 17

From Syrian violence reaching Damascus, to Sarah Silverman's 'indecent proposal' to Sheldon Adelson. brings you the top headlines from Isreal, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

The Bashar Assad regime in Syria will not overcome the uprising against it, although it might be able to survive for anywhere between two months and a little over two years, Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aviv Kochavi told the legislators in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. Kochavi said that the Golan Heights region could turn into a theater of anti-Israel operations, similar to the Sinai Peninsula region, due the growing presence of global Jihadists in Syria.

Meanwhile in Syria, government security forces have used helicopter gunships to battle rebels in third day of fighting in the capital Damascus, activists say. The fighting has been the most sustained and widespread in the capital since the start of the uprising against President Bashar Assad 16 months ago.

The Israeli government is stepping up construction in the West Bank settlements and acting to legitimize at least one illegal outpost it has pledged to demolish, Haaretz has learned. The Defense Ministry recently contracted an architect to resume construction of the Givat Sal'it outpost in the Jordan Valley, in what is seen as a step toward legitimizing the outpost. Givat Sal'it is one of 26 communities the Sharon government had promised the United States it would tear down nearly 10 years ago.

Three men convicted of murder were hanged in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the territory's interior ministry said. A total of 14 Palestinians have now been executed since the Islamist group Hamas seized the Gaza Strip in 2007 from Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.

Two American tourists and their Egyptian guide who were abducted by a Bedouin in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last week were released unharmed on Monday after negotiations with security officials and tribal leaders.

Social protest activists erected Tuesday morning a compound in the spirit of the 1930's-era tower-and-stockade settlements, alongside the Israeli coastal highway, near Kibbutz Yakum. Signs posted on the site, which they have called Migdal Zedek (Tower of Justice), call for public housing.

Israeli high-ranking officials have met with Woody Allen to try to persuade the legendary director to give Europe a rest and shoot one of his next films in Israel. President Shimon Peres proposed such a move when the two men met recently in New York. Several months ago, Mayor Nir Barkat invited Allen to film in Jerusalem, while Tel Aviv officials have suggested a project in the White City.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman tries to steer billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the largest single donor of the U.S. elections, away from presidential candidate Mitt Romney and toward Obama with a YouTube clip that should probable be rated R. In attempt to convince Adelson, Silverman offers Adelson an "indecent proposal."