The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, December 25

From the plot thickening in former Foreign Minister Lieberman's indictment, to the EU Court denying a request by right-wing NGO watchdog to produce documents on funding of left-wing human rights organizations.

Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman denied on Tuesday morning reports that his former deputy Danny Ayalon had provided police with damning information against him. These "rumors," said Lieberman, who is being investigated for fraud and breach of trust, were an attempt to "throw dust in the public's eyes." Meanwhile, Lieberman's aides are still running the Foreign Ministry with Prime Minister Netanyahu's approval,

A new Haaretz poll shows flagging support for Likud-Beiteinu after Netanyahu berated political rival Naftali Bennett for his recent remarks condoning a situation where IDF soldiers would refuse orders to evacuate any Jewish settlers. The poll, which shows a shift in voter support from Likud-Beiteniu to Habayit Heyehudi, the right-wing party headed by Bennett, suggests that Netanyahu's criticism repelled voters and strengthened Bennett as a leader of the right.

After four years of legal battles, the European Court of Human Rights rejected the request of the right-wing organization NGO Monitor to receive documents regarding the funding of 16 projects of human rights organizations in Israel.

According to a Guardian report Jihad Makdissi, the former Foreign Minister of Bashar Assad's regime, defected last month and is cooperating with U.S. intelligence in return for asylum in Washington.Until he defected Makdissi served as the public face of the Assad regime during the 20-month-old uprising in Syria.

After the state ordered the eviction of 12 Palestinian farmers from their land, they decided to revoke the order when the farmers presented documents showing that they lease the land from the Waqf. While the state originally claimed that these farmers were invading state lands, they canceled the eviction order--a move that most likely reflects the state's hesitance to bring attention to the the issue of the state taking over Waqf lands, especially around Jericho.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz passed on recommendations to ban Israeli investors from investing in international companies that do business with Iran to Prime Minister Netanyahu. The prime minister is expected to implement the regulations soon. The finance ministry refused to release the names of companies found doing business with Iran.  

On Tuesday Israel's State Comptroller published its annual report on local government. The report cited major problems and inefficiencies with how local councils deal with the prevention of domestic violence, the activity of prosecutors’ offices, the maintenance of roads and infrastructures, and the functioning of the planning and building of commissions.

The anonymous blogger "Eishton," who is under investigation by Israel Police and the Military Police regarding information he published on his blog about suicides in the Israel Defense Forces, last night published a new post on his Facebook page, in which he offered a surprising deal to the military authorities and the Defense Ministry.