The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, August 8

From possible UN Secretary General visit to Tehran, to the first Egyptian air strikes in Sinai since 1973, Haaretz sums up the top headlines from Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World.

Iranian Vice President Hamid Baghaei arrived in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday, where he was met by Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Moustafa Hussein Kamel, marking the first time that a high-ranking Iranian official is visiting Egypt in decades.

An unusual operation by the Israel Defense Forces in the South Hebron Hills region has intensified suspicions among Palestinian residents that Israel is moving forward with its plan to demolish villages in the area and expel their residents.

According to sources, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has decided to participate in the upcoming summit of the Non-Aligned Movement scheduled to take place in Tehran at the end of the month, according to well-placed sources in New York. While Ban has yet to confirm or deny the trip, officials in Jerusalem and Washington believe that such a visit will shatter attempts to isolate the Iranian regime and will grant it renewed international legitimacy.

Egypt launched air strikes in the Sinai region close to the border with Israel on Wednesday, killing at least 20-23 suspected Islamic militants, the state-run Ahram news website said. The incident marks the first time the Egyptian Air Force has been called into action in Sinai since 1973. As per peace agreements, Egyptian Air Force activity in Sinai must be coordinated with Israel.

A Russian general met reporters at the Defense Ministry in Moscow on Wednesday to deny reports that he had been killed by rebel forces in Syria and was shown on television looking well.

Jordan's King Abdullah II expressed concern over the use of chemical weapons in neighboring Syria, warning that an ongoing failure to solve the conflict is tipping the country towards an "abyss."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that plans can be drawn up for the day after the Assad regime collapses, now that the Syrian prime minister Riad Hijab has defected to Jordan .

According Registrar of Associations asserted that nonprofit organizations are increasingly serving as a vehicle for money laundering. The claim was included in the explanatory notes to a draft bill that would give the registrar new powers to regulate nonprofits and impose administrative sanctions on those that break the rules.